Coffees & Conversations In The Sky


Have you ever dreamed of chilling in the air? If yes, Flying Cup, Dubai is for you! An exciting yet completely safe journey; it takes you 40 meters above ground with your feet dangling in the air and allows you to experience a whole new perspective of the city around you. Enjoy stunning panoramic views of tall JBR skyscrapers, people lazing at the beach, much-awaited Ain Dubai and ofcourse, breath-taking sunsets.

How it works:
1) Book your ticket online – 80 AED for adults, 60 AED for kids (4-12 years). Both include refreshments – popcorn and a drink of your choice.
2) Once you reach, queue up at the counter, scan your booking and a print of your ticket will be handed over to you with your seat number.
3) Proceed to your seat, buckle up and wait for the journey to begin.
4) As you go up, a member from the team states instructions – basic do’s and dont’s.
5) Once you reach up, they slowly rotate the cup so that each person can enjoy panoramic views of JBR.
6) 20-25 minutes later, they bring you back down and you can then enjoy refreshments of your choice.

Whether you want to take selfies, celebrate special occasions or just enjoy chilling in the air for 20 whole minutes, this is a great opportunity to capture memories.

Timings: Sat-Wed: 10am-midnight, Thu-Fri: 10am-1am
Location: The Beach – JBR









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