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Indian Fine Dining Restaurants in Dubai –

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We all love to explore different kinds of foods while traveling. But if you’re an Indian, no matter where you travel, your trip is incomplete without some desi khanna. There’s something so comforting about Indian food. Even if you’re miles away, you feel at home in just one bite. Those rich creamy curries bursting with irresistible flavors, aromatic lentil preparations and drool-worthy sweets are like a warm hug on a cloudy day.

Known for its spicy palatable preparations, Indian food is famous world-over… specially in a multi-cultural place like Dubai, that is home to a large number of Indians. Just like Arabic food, it is easily available in every nook and corner. But in order for a place to become the ultimate restaurant, food isn’t the only thing that needs focus anymore. It also needs that extra touch of uniqueness coupled with immaculate presentation and hospitality.

So if you’re on the lookout for some tadke wali dal with a modern twist, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our list of 6 restaurants that make Indian food look as good as its taste. These are restaurants that serve much more than just your average dal and rice. These are restaurants that stand out in a city boasting a glut of Indian restaurants. These are restaurants people seldom pop into on a whim because a meal here is best saved for those special occasions with your loved ones. These are restaurants that are changing the face of Indian cuisine globally by creating awareness of its impeccable diversity by serving food that is everything ‘Indian’ in taste but nothing in appearance.

Indego by Vineet
Awarded the Best Indian restaurant in the 2016 Time Out Dubai Awards, Indego is a place where textures and flavors are sumptuously brought alive with the use of traditional spices and ingredients. Guided by Michelin-starred Chef Vineet Bhatia – highly regarded as the ‘face’ of modern progressive Indian cuisine, one can expect an expressive range of Indian food with exemplary fine-dining presentation. Like he says, ‘If you eat my food at Indego with your eyes closed, it’s India on your palate but if you look at it, it’s very modern, very European.’

Junoon meaning passion is a contemporary Indian restaurant offering myriad flavors with a homely touch. True to its name, one can truly see the passion and commitment of the ever-so-busy culinary team as they whip up magical preparations behind the open kitchen. It’s like a theatrical show – there’s always so much happening. Watching them plate, brings in a whole new level of excitement. It’s a vibrant; trendsetting place that combines traditional taste with a je ne sais quoi that truly makes it par excellence. Perfect for a gathering or celebration, it exuberates sophistication and energy with a spectacular selection of food and wines. The original outpost in New York is a Michelin star and has made a name for itself all over the world.

Mint Leaf of London
Entice your senses with culinary delights in a luxurious setting at DIFC’s hip award-wining restaurant. From the English capital to the emirates, Mint Leaf of London made its way to Dubai, not-so-long ago and has taken the city by a storm ever since. A cozy restaurant offering Indian foods, true to its culinary roots with stunning views of Downtown Dubai and the tall and mighty Burj Khalifa. The food is elaborate and fancy yet heartening. Though they serve a diverse range of dishes, they’re known for their spicy and zesty Indian preparations.

Named after the princely state in Punjab, Patiala offers a relaxed yet refined ambiance, stylish interiors and classic Indian food. With a display kitchen, guests can watch age-old recipes being fabricated with a modern twist. The menu is carefully divided into two parts – the classic that brings out the old-world charm out of Indian food and the innovative that is young, effervescent and experimental. An energetic vibe with hearty food, the restaurant reflects a ‘joie de vivre’ that redefines fine-dining experience in the true sense.

Rang Mahal
Discover a touch of tradition with contemporary flair at Michelin- starred, Indian-born, UK-based Chef Atul Kochhar’s palace of color also known as Rang Mahal. Located at the world’s tallest JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai, the restaurant is one of the main culinary draws known for its flawlessly textured, delicately flavored, perfectly spiced lip-smacking preparations.

Carnival by Tresind
If you want to enjoy a dining experience like never before, this is the place for you. Modern, chic and vivacious with an urban feel – Carnival by Tresind, sister outlet to notable Tresind is a restaurant that perfectly exemplifies the marriage of Indian cuisine to molecular gastronomy. Expect a carnival-like feel with elaborately prepared dishes that have playful names like Game of Corns, Thai Tanic and lots more, an occasional spray of bubbles by servers, mind-blowing theatrics, exceptional food and a buzzing ambiance – all under one roof. Nearly every dish, from the textures to the spices is impressive and innovative in equal measure. A true surprise and delight at the same time, everything is flawlessly prepared and executed. Whether you call for one, two or everything on the menu, you are sure to walk away content. The only thing that you will regret is having to walk away!

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6 Must-Try Dessert Treats at The Dubai Mall –

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A paradise for shopaholics and foodies, The Dubai Mall is a place where one can spend hours, days and even weeks shopping, eating or just strolling about. With innumerable options to pick from, there’s something for everyone here.

During my recent trip to Dubai, I spent an entire week at the mall shopping and trying out different cuisines at some of its renowned cafes and eateries. While I do share a special fondness for food, I also truly love desserts and all things sweet – be it a chocolate, tart, pie, cheesecake or cookie – guilty as charged, I love it all. Since this place has so much to offer, I had to take regular pit stops to satisfy my sweet cravings. So here’s my list of six drool-worthy sweet treats that were oh-so-satisfying:

Carrot Cupcake at Magnolia Bakery

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The Bloomingdale’s store is home to an elegantly decorated counter of mouthwatering cupcakes and cakes from New York’s famed Magnolia Bakery. Each one looks so pretty that its hard to pick just one. However, after spending almost ten minutes admiring each one, I decided to try the carrot cupcake. One bite into it and I was floored. Moist cake packed with flavors of freshly grated carrots, coconut, pineapple, raisins and walnuts, melted in the mouth while the cream cheese icing left a tingling after-taste. Though their red velvet with cream cheese is a bestseller, I recommend giving this one a try. It’s worth the risk…and the calories!
Location: Inside Bloomingdale’s store, lower ground level

Macarons at Ladurée

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World-famous, luxury French bakery and sweets maker, Ladurée gives you a feel of Paris as you walk into the store. With plush café style seating and cutesy interiors, one can pick from a variety of desserts and colourful macarons. I tried various flavors of these smooth delicate shells, but the salted caramel and black truffle ones, were par excellence. Crispy and crunchy on the outside, they were tucked with flavorful filling on the inside. Since they are priced on the higher side, you might consider compromising on those shopping bags over another piece.
Location: P5, level 1

Red Velvet Frozen Custard at Shake Shack

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The combination of red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and ice cream sounds like heaven in a cup, doesn’t it? So when I found out that Shake Shack, the famous American fast food chain known for its burgers and hot dogs serves this lip-smacking trio, I knew I had found my calling. The divine fusion of red velvet cake chunks and cream cheese served as frozen custard was so pleasing that I just couldn’t stop myself even after a few bites. Next on my list is their Shack Attack.
Location: Level 1, near waterfront

Hot Bun with Chocolate Sauce at Pappa Roti

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Pappa Roti, famous for their hot buns and cold shakes is a must-visit. Each bun is freshly baked from the oven and served hot. With a crispy layer on top, one can feel the crunch with every bite. I highly recommend their hot bun with honey and caramel. The crunchy layer of the bun along with these flavorsome toppings surely makes for a beautiful combination. All you need is a delectable cuppa chocolate milkshake on the side and you’re good to go.
Location: Level 2, near the waterfall

Tiramisu at Eataly

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Eataly, known for its Italian food and fresh ingredients, warmly welcomes guests with a luscious dessert spread located right at the entrance. It’s hard to walk past the store, as the aromas of fresh ingredients and chocolate are enough to make you stop by. After several minutes of strolling around the store, I finally called for their Tiramisu. All ingredients of this rich, fluffy, coffee flavored cheesecake are specially imported all the way from Italy and packed with generous amounts of liqeur, espresso, chocolate and mascarpone, thus making it a must-try dessert on their menu. Incase that’s not enough, you can devour some crepe con Nutella from the store’s exquisite Nutella bar. After all, nothing makes shopping more enjoyable than a piping hot crepe oozing with oodles of creamy hazelnut-chocolate filling. I say its worth the chocolate rush!
Location: Lower ground level, near marina exotic home interiors

Oreo Dream Extreme Cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory

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Known for its ginormous portions of food, The Cheesecake Factory is a great place to enjoy some lip-smacking American fare. No matter what you eat; make sure to leave some room for dessert, as they have a variety of drool-worthy cheesecakes that cannot be missed. If you’re a fan of cheesecake, cookie and chocolate, the Oreo Dream Extreme is what you’re looking for. Imagine relishing layers of delectable fudge cake, rich cookie mousse, decadent cheesecake and Oreo crumbs – all in a bite. Drooling already? I don’t blame you.
Location: Ground level, near aquarium

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5+ Gift Hampers That Are Sure To Delight Your Loved Ones – Polka Cafe


Diwali is one of my favorite festivals. There’s merriment all around – streets are beautifully lit up, houses are decorated with colorful rangolis, people put on their best finery and most importantly, tons of gifts are exchanged. If you’re stressing over gift hunting, you don’t need to anymore as we’ve collated a mix of gifting ideas that will surely make life easier for you. And no, this does not include regular mithais and sweets that are usually distributed during the festive season. So whether you’re too laid back to think of a gift or just busy at work, we have you covered!

Home accessories from Blssng:

If you’re on the hunt for something that’s wrapped with love, this is undoubtedly the place for you. Think fancy digital printed trays, unique tea light holders or the ever-so-pretty bird cages with ferry lights and flowers … Blssng has something for everyone. Brainchild of Dhanika Popley, this Bandra based studio houses exquisite home accouterments and is well known for their attractive gift hampers. Her new festive collection offers a variety of ethnic products so there’s ample to choose from and if not, she can always customize basis your requirement.

For more details, check out:

Bar accessories from Beyond Ordinary:

What’s Diwali without card parties…and card parties without alcohol! Whether you’re attending several ones or hosting them yourself, Beyond Ordinary has a fantastic range of quirky bar accessories that will leave your loved ones on a different high this season. ‘LED shot glasses, funky beer mugs, wine decanters, liquor pumps, drinking helmet and lots more – you name it, we have it,’ says owner Sanjeet Ray. Their products are quirky, unique and affordable – need we say more?

For more details, check out:

Tea hampers from Gardner Street:

When Rashi Sanghvi launched her premium tea label, Gardner Street; she decided to give people the greatest gift they had ever received – the gift of health! Their all-natural whole leaf teas are purchased from a variety of tea estates and blended with naturally occurring extracts and flavors that ensure every cup is brimming with taste and health. For the festive season, they have introduced five different types of hampers that are delicately packaged in leather and printed boxes and priced between INR 550 to 1500.

For more details, check out:

Ice cream from Bono:

Cordon Bleu graduate Alyssa Chesson is the mastermind behind India’s first boutique ice-cream brand – Bono. From savoury staples to unique pairings, she has handcrafted some of the most decadent masterpieces that quite literally melt in your mouth. With never-seen- before combinations like milk chocolate bacon, blue cheese honey, dark chocolate Italian truffle oil and more, she’s slowly but surely changing the face of ice cream in the city. Since most people tend to binge on sweets during this time, she has introduced a sugar free, dairy free raspberry coconut flavor that apart from being vegan is fresh, fruity, decadent and yet not so fattening. So stay away from the stereotypes and gift your loved ones a tub full of guilt-free indulgence.

For more details, check out:

Chocolate diyas from Choc-O-Tale:

Say good-bye to traditional sweets and say hello to these delectable diyas instead. Mother-daughter duo Asha & Anushi Sanghvi, started this brand about 4 years ago and have been taking the city by a storm with their unique chocolate creations ever since. This year, they have introduced an edible diya made using semi-sweet chocolate, decorated with glitter. Priced at INR 135, these festive specials can be consumed within 20 days and can be enjoyed when stored in the refrigerator or at room temperature.

For more details, check out:

Assorted spices from Crista:

Spices are an important part of every meal so understanding its intricacies is of prime importance. Crista by Krishne Tanna, offers a variety of pure and fresh spices that have passed the FSSAI specifications and guarantee the best possible quality. This Diwali, if you’re planning to gift your loved one something useful, there’s nothing better than a box of superior quality spices. Their festive special boxes are available in two sizes and are priced at INR 1250++ and INR 1650++ for 100 and 150 gms each of cardamom, cloves, black pepper and cinnamon sticks.

For more details, check out:

Chocolate Soil From Fat is Flavour:

Have you ever eaten soil straight from a pot? Well, with Fat is Flavour you can devour edible soil made with chocolate and other lip-smacking flavors like toasted s’mores, chocolate fudge, sea salt, pecan pie and lots more. Treat your guests, this season, with their brand new rocher praline chocolate soil, packaged beautifully in vintage trunks, priced at INR 1750 for 2 pots and INR 2100 for 4 pots. ‘Swirls of double chocolate coat a gooey center filled with wafer crunchy praline and roasted hazelnut encased in a crisp flaky shell, hand rolled in a pool of Nutella and melted chocolate,’ says owner Pratik Kuckreja about his newest addition. Sigh! We’re already drooling.

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Festive Hamper From Godrej Nature’s Basket:

If you’re having a hard time collating various gifts, head to the closest Nature’s Basket and pick one of their many readymade gift hampers. Choose from a variety of baskets like the coffee collector, wine, exotic dry fruit and chocolate among others. Their recently launched line of healthy treats called ‘Healthy Alternatives’ is the newest addition this season. The hamper includes baked makhanas, roasted nuts, black rice, roasted flax and chia seeds, fruit crisps, greek yogurt, natural & gluten free fusilli and lots more. What’s better? You can also customize the hamper basis your budget and requirement.

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