Scrumptious Treats From Mumbai Streets

Mumbai is a melting pot of different cultures and cuisines. Due to its diversity, one can easily find India’s most popular dishes here – be it a dosa you relished during a trip down South or a steaming hot momo you enjoyed in the North. Though the city is home to a host of fine dining and concept restaurants, it has always been popular for its delightful street food. With innumerable roadside stalls, there’s ample to pick from. Here’s a list of 10 scrumptious street treats that every Mumbaikar loves –

Vada Pav:
Mumbai’s most popular street food is the iconic Vada Pav. It has been feeding hungry city folks for years and is conveniently available in almost every street and corner. Potato patties, fried until golden brown are tucked into a pav (Indian styled bread bun) and served with spicy chutney on the side. Best enjoyed when eaten hot, this is a Mumbaikars favorite snack on the go.
My Recommendation – Try the Vada Pav at Ashok Vada Pav, Prabhadevi.

Vada Pav

Pani Puri, Sev Puri, Bhel, Ragda Pattice are familiar names known to everyone aware about the city’s street food culture. No trip to Mumbai is complete without a taste of its famous and irresistible chaat. The city is flooded with roadside counters and hawkers who can easily be spotted on the street, at a market, park or beach. If you want to get a real taste of Mumbai-style chaat, head over to a fast food joint or simply walk down the road – it’s effortlessly available almost everywhere.
My Recommendation – Try the Pani Puri at Karachi Sweets, Hill Road, Bhel & Sev Puri at Elco, Hill Road.


A famous South Indian staple; this pancake-like dish has made its mark all over the city. Gone are days when people would enjoy a humble Sada Dosa with some oil and butter or Masala Dosa with potatoes. With options like Schezwan, Paneer Chilly, Jinni and Pav Bhaji Dosa, roadside stalls offer a large variety to customers leaving them with innumerable options to pick from. Accompanied by extra spices and a blob of butter, one bite will surely lead to another and another.
My Recommendation – Try the Jinni Dosa at the roadside stall opposite Mithibai College, Vile Parle.

Pav Bhaji:
Pav Bhaji is a street speciality served at various food joints across the city. People from all over the country come to Mumbai to try this iconic dish. An assortment of vegetables are mashed together with spices and served with a dollop of butter and cheese along with buttered pav. It’s delicious, spicy and quite filling. Dig in with your fingers…your stomach will thank you later!
My Recommendation – Try the Cheese Pav Bhaji at Sardar Pav Bhaji, Tardeo.

Cheese Masala Pav

Inspired by the Lebanese pita bread, Frankie first originated in Mumbai. This lip-smacking snack is a roti coated with egg and stuffed with chicken or mutton, spices and cheese. The vegetarian option is served with potatoes, paneer or mushrooms and has been a favorite grab-on-the-go snack since years.

Wraps are basically chunks of chicken or minced mutton carefully slid off skewers and enveloped in a flour roti along with sliced onion rings and mint chutney. Whether had during the day, in the evening or at 3am, this is one snack you cannot go wrong with.
My Recommendation – Try the Chicken & Cheese Frankie at Tibbs Frankie, Shivaji Park or the Butter Chicken Roll at Mini Punjab, Bandra.


Dumplings stuffed with a variety of meat, vegetables or cheese, popularly known as momos, were unknown to Mumbai, until recently. With a handful of stalls across the city, this street snack has been satiating palates ever since. A regular portion consists of 7-8 pieces and is served with a spicy red sauce on the side. Now that these steamed dumplings have made their way into the city, one doesn’t need to travel all the way to the Himalayan region to relish them.
My Recommendation – Chicken Momos at the stall outside HDFC Bank, Worli.


Indianised Chinese:
Mumbai is known to experiment with various international cuisines. Be it Italian, Mexican or Chinese – add an Indian touch to it, and it’s sure to become a favorite. Various stalls in the city prepare an Indianised yet delectable version of the city’s famous manchurian, rice and noodles. Though this sort of Chinese is very different from the authentic one, it satisfies hundreds of taste buds, every single day.
My Recommendation – Try the Chinese Bhel or Manchurian and Schezwan Rice at Raju Chinese, Marine Lines.

Indianised Chinese

Egg Bhurji/Baida Roti:
This is a popular snack among the city’s party goers. Available until the wee hours of morning, Egg Bhurji or Baida Roti are soul-satisfying options that are even more enjoyable after a crazy night out. The latter is basically minced chicken or mutton placed carefully in a square-shaped dough, pan-fried and served with onions and chutney. Flavorful, spicy and finger licking delicious, this is surely a dish one must-try in Mumbai.
My Recommendation – Try the Chicken Baida Roti at Bade Miyan, Colaba.


Misal Pav:
A hot and spicy dish made with lentils, potatoes, tomatoes, chopped onions, chivda and other farsan, has been a local favorite for years. Served with pav and lemon, this dish has been categorized as soul food for thousands of people. The mashed vegetables and accompaniments compliment each other perfectly well to give you a true flavor of Mumbai.
My Recommendation – Try the Misal Pav at Aaswad, Shivaji Park.

Missal Pav

No matter where you go in the world, no sandwich tastes as good as the Mumbai sandwich. Buttered slices of bread with thin slices of vegetables, chutney and cheese make a heavenly combination – one that can be experienced only in the city. Available easily in almost every area, every sandwich has its own unique taste and flavor. Whether you opt for a toasted version or you enjoy it as it is, this is one snack that will make it to your list all the time.
My Recommendation – Try the Vegetable Cheese Toast at Jay Sandwich, Bandra.


*Image Courtesy – That Foodie Chick & Hungry Forever 


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