My Special Chabbis

Since it’s my #SpecialChabbis today, I decided to list down 26 life lessons I’ve learned in 26 years. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Here’s to growing yet another year older by age but a year younger at heart.

1) Life’s too short to be taken seriously. Breathe. Have fun. Smileeeee! In fact smile a lot. Because there’s so much to smile about.

2) Eat good food. Because good food = good mood!

3) Travel…As far as you can for as long as you can. There is no better way to experience life.

4) Do what you love most and you will always be happy.

5) Take that leap of faith. If not now, then when?

6) No matter how many times you fail, don’t give up! Keep trying harder.

7) You know that thing they say about ‘quarter-life crisis?’ It’s for real! As you grow older, you realize not everything (rather nothing) makes sense. You question everything and hope to get an answer. You don’t know whom or what to trust anymore because everything feels different and strange. But that’s okay. Life has a way of figuring itself out. All you got to do is, hold on and trust the process.

8) Live in the moment. Nobody knows what’s in store for tomorrow. Stop planning your life and trust the life that has already been planned for you.

9) Everything happens for a reason. Yes, sometimes bad things happen to good people and its unfair but there’s always a reason behind it. Learn from it.

10) Sometimes no matter how much you want something, you won’t get it when you really want it. You’ll probably get it when you least expect it.

11) Life is one big leveler. What goes around ALWAYS comes back around!

12) In life, you will meet two kinds of people. Ones who build you up and ones that tear you down. But in the end, you’ll thank them both.

13) Things change. People change. Nothing lasts forever. And there’s nothing you can do about it. So stop whining.

14) The person you least expect from will surprise you and the person you expect most from will hurt you. That’s just the way it is. Deal with it!

15) Be yourself. The world is already filled with people trying to be who they’re not.

16) Make bad decisions. It helps you realize what you truly want and make better decisions later.

17) Don’t judge people. They’re all trying to figure it out…Just like you are.

18) You can’t change or undo your past. So let it go and start afresh.

19) Don’t always believe what you hear or see. No one’s life is as cool as it looks on Instagram or Facebook. Believe what you feel. And when in doubt, ask your heart! It always knows what’s best for you.

20) Your family is your constant cheerleader – no matter what you do, they’ll always be there to support you. Whether you’re happy, sad, angry, grumpy, moody, excited, they’re the ones who never give up on you.

21) Your friends are your true partners in crime. They’re the ones who make you smile a whole lot more when the world comes crashing down.

22) Get Inspired. There’s inspiration even in little things.

23) Make bucket lists. They act as a constant reminder to do things you’ve always wanted to do.

24) Love yourself…. Now & Forever!

25) Face your fears. Head on.

26) Be thankful. Because the more thankful you are for what you have, the more you’ll have to be thankful for 🙂



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  1. lamia says:

    How much more awesome can you get in this lifetime D? Such an enjoyable read – and all true. Loved it all. Happy Birthday you lovely awesome girl!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww.. You’re too kind 😘 Thank you so much di.. Thrilled to know you loved it ❤️ lots of love


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