Best Dim Sum Spots in Dubai

There’s nothing more satisfying than opening up a bamboo basket with steaming hot dim sums. Traditionally designed for sharing, these delicious bite-sized pieces of goodness are hard to share and tempting enough to devour all by yourself…no judgements there!

Dubai is overpopulated with Asian restaurants and if you’re wondering where to try the best dim sum, here’s a quick round-up.

Royal China:

This award-winning Chinese restaurant will delight you with its mouth-watering variety of dim sums and consistently excellent quality of food. Whether you like your dumplings fried, steamed, gluten free or any other way – be sure to find it here. Each piece is delicately prepared and is sure to tantalize your taste buds. Favorites include Prawn & Chive Dumpling, Prawn Cheung Fun and Steamed Chili Chicken Dumplings.

Prawn Cheung Fun. PC: Royal China


If you want to eat with your eyes, Hakkasan Dubai is the place for you. We ordered for the premium Dim Sum platter and let out an instant “WOW” as it arrived to our table. Consisting of Kaffir Lime Lobster Har Gao, Abalone and Chicken Shui Mai with Caviar, Conpoy and King Crab with Morel Mushroom, Baked Venison Puff, Wagyu Truffle Puff and Mooli Puff – it’s visually appealing with its bright colors and unique shapes and bursting with flavors. It’s hard to pick a favorite as each one is so different from the other.

Premium Dim Sum Platter

Din Tai Fung:

Known for its rapid service and speedily prepared dim sums, this famous restaurant is on the list of every foodie. If you’re wondering why – try their famous Xiao Long Baos. You’ll understand the minute you bite into one and a hot, flavorful broth oozes out in your mouth. We’ve tried literally everything on their menu and enjoyed most of it. However, the Truffle Chicken Xiao Long Bao and the Shrimp & Chicken Wontons tossed in a special sauce will see you asking for seconds and thirds. If you still have space for more, get a portion of their popular Dan Dan Noodles!

Xiao Long Baos. PC: Din Tai Fung


This DIFC hotspot is known for its distinctive Northern Chinese dishes, great service and vibe. Though the menu is simple and concise overall, there are some dishes that are sure to leave a lasting impression and will make you come back for more. We decided to skip the regulars and try the Scallop and Prawn Garlic Wonton during our visit. Swimming in a pool of Sichuan sauce, the appearance makes you feel like you will burn your mouth with the chilies. It is fiery but full of flavor.

Scallop and Prawn Garlic Wontons


JLT’s quirky Asian food hall is sure to transport you to the streets of South East Asia with its delectable dishes. If you haven’t visited this place yet, stop everything you’re doing right now and head to Streetery. It’s hard to recommend just one dish as everything you eat will make you come back for more. But two dishes that we always reorder are the Chicken Potsticker and Szechuan Wonton.

Dim Sum. PC: Streetery Food Hall

New Shanghai:

Looking for a perfect pit-stop at The Dubai Mall? Head to New Shanghai. This casual eatery has a dim sum list that’s as good as any authentic Chinese restaurant in the city. Try the Chicken Wontons in Chili Oil. Tossed with fresh vegetables in chili oil and a hearty peanut and sesame sauce, these steamed wontons are sure to satisfy all those dim sum desires.

Chicken Wontons in Chili Oil

Long Teng:

Long Teng dishes out some of the best dim sum you will ever find in Dubai. Their dumpling menu literally has everything you’re looking for. So if you’re planning a visit soon, make sure you go hungry. Amid a variety of dishes we tried, the Steamed Chicken & Mushroom Siu Mai and the Crystal Shrimp Dumpling hit the spot for us.

Dim Sum. PC: Long Teng

Han Shi Fu:

Located at Aloft Hotel in Deira, Han Shi Fu is the perfect spot to indulge in dumplings, dim sums and baos to your heart content. Simply because you won’t find such cute baos anywhere else in Dubai. They have an extravagant menu with a variety of options for everyone. If you can’t decide what to order, start with the dim sums and baos!


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