Hanami brings the magic of Tokyo’s delectable street-food to Dubai!

An all-new Japanese restaurant perched atop the 15th floor of the Andaz Dubai The Palm brings the magic of Tokyo’s bustling streets to Dubai with its contemporary street-food creations and boozy concoctions.

With bold splashes of color, quirky graffiti, a vibrant vibe and panoramic views, Hanami transports you to the neon-lit streets of Japan’s capital. The interiors are chic yet casual with two open terraces. Whether you want to catch the sunset or soak in the skyline – this place has everything you’re looking for! There’s also a special sake bar, an open-kitchen and a spacious sushi counter for diners to catch all the action live.

The menu is carefully designed keeping in mind the concept of Tokyo’s social-dining scene. It is not overwhelming like most other Japanese restaurant menus. The chef has kept it simple with options for everyone. From flavorful appetizers, sushis, tempura to teppenyaki – the menu is a delightful selection of irresistible dishes. Their food is served in quirky boxes and colorful plates making it very Instagrammable and exciting. They also have an extensive beverage selection that oozes creativity with unique cocktails and mocktails, along with wines and sake.

What we tried and loved:

Robata Edamame: Charred edamame with garlic oil and salt. The smoky flavor made it addictive!

Ebi Gyoza: Pan-fried juicy prawn dumplings served with a spicy mayo – match made in heaven

Maguro Pizza: Yellow fin tuna with kimchi sauce, cherry tomato and red onion. Never thought I would obsess over a pizza without cheese but this street-style version has my heart

Takoyaki: Octopus balls, topped with bonito flakes, served with a sweet and sour sauce. This is the chef’s “signature” dish and definitely one worth trying

Torimmomo Katsu: A comforting sandwich consisting of breaded, deep-fried chicken with sweet Kabayaki sauce
Yasai Tempura: Assorted vegetables tossed together with sesame mayo, topped with bonita flakes

Sushi & Sashimi: Sake roll, spicy tuna, sea bass and prawn sashimi

From delicious dishes, great hospitality to breathtaking views – Hanami is a fresh change to the Japanese casual-dining scene in Dubai! It is every bit picture-worthy – both, for its food and views!

Special thanks to the Manager – Liam and our Server – Gan.



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