Belt-Busting Blaze Burgers

Stop everything that you’re doing right now and head straight to Blaze Burgers! Situated at buzzing JBR, this 8-month old baby, extremely popular in Bahrain, is rated as one of the top 10 burger places in Dubai and rightfully so.


What’s so different about this place, you may wonder. Well, you get to pick everything – from buns, meats, toppings to sauces – you get to customize your burger as per your taste. Apart from regular buns, they also offer lettuce wraps as a substitute for weight watchers. As you enter, all you need to do is place your order at the counter, grab a basket and pick a condiment of your choice, get a place to sit and voila. They have an indoor and an al-fresco section and the service is pretty quick too so for those of you who don’t get a table instantly, fret not, you won’t have to wait too long. The staff knows the menu inside out and is ever-willing to help incase you’re confused. Since they follow the American concept, the only vegetarian burger available is the Portobello Mushroom one but then again, what’s a burger without the meat!



What we had:
6Abooga Burger: Popularly known as the brick burger, this includes all the toppings of a regular burger, carefully smacked between two grilled cheese sardines, again loaded with cheese. An amazing twist to the regular version, it’s literally a gluttonous cheese fest!


Gourmet Wagyu Beef Burger: Probably one of the juiciest burgers you will ever eat in Dubai, when topped with blue cheese, you’ll be salivating for more long after you’re done.


The chocolatey Superhero Milkshake, addictive Cajun Scoopers and uber tempting Chilli Cheese Fries are perfect accompaniments and must not be missed. They also have various homemade dips that go perfectly well with their fries and scoopers. We tried a couple of them but loved the Nuclear Mustard (made with six different chilies and mayo – has a spicy after taste) & Awesomeness Sauce (their chef’s special dip made with mayo and a secret recipe).





After all that, if you still have some space left for dessert, this one below is totally worth the calories. A churro cup with vanilla ice cream, M&M’s, bacon strips and generous amounts of caramel sauce is as good as it looks. We were stuffed by the end of our meal and had literally no room for dessert but our server Micheal insisted we try this one and said it was really tiny and easy to finish. As you can see, it’s not that small but is surely something worth leaving space for.


Though their belt-busting burgers are priced on the higher side (Approximately DHS 60), they’re huge in size, lip-smackingly amazing and totally worth it. Blaze Burgers is a cut above the rest – and for good reason.

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