In Conversation with Pooja Dhingra

Pooja Dhingra, popularly known as the ‘Macaron Lady,’ is the owner of the famous French-style dessert paradise, Le 15 Patisserie. A Le Cordon Bleu graduate, Pooja introduced the city of Mumbai to her delicious macarons at the age of 22 thus providing us with a taste of Paris in the city. One bite into her first macaron and she knew what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. She firmly believed in what she loved and made her passion her profession. Her desserts are popular among Bollywood celebrities, socialites and the who’s-who of the city. She is not only known for her macarons but is also famous for her delicious cupcakes, cakes, choux pastries, tarts and Nutella brownies.

A quote I once read –  ‘Do it with passion or not at all,’ applies so perfectly to Pooja. She inspires me and many other 25 year old’s, each day to do what we love most. Read on as she talks about her favorite quote, the best and weirdest dessert she’s ever tried and more.

Pooja Dhingra

1. Describe Le 15 Patisserie in 5 words
Happy, Love, Delicious, Pretty and Fashionable

2. If you had a dream macaron, how would it look and what would it taste like?
A Giant macaron, layered with dark chocolate, caramel and passion fruit

3. Your most favorite dessert in the world
Anything with dark chocolate!

4. If you had to describe yourself as a cupcake, which one would you be and why?
A red velvet – happy, sweet and bright

5. The weirdest dessert you have ever tasted
A blue cheese and mushroom chocolate fondant

6. Mumbai or Paris – which city do you love more?

7. What’s your definition of success? What three things do you need to be successful in your field? What are deal killers for you?
To me, success is achieving the goals you set out for yourself. You must be passionate, dedicated and patient. Deal killers are people who don’t respect your time.

8. Where do you see Le 15 Patisserie 10 years from now?
All over the world 🙂

9. A quote that inspires you the most
This too shall pass. It reminds me that it doesn’t matter what phase of life you’re in – it can be hard or happy, it will pass. It encourages me to live in the moment.

10. If you had to give some advice to a 20 year old Pooja, what would it be?
I would tell her to not be afraid and to always dream big.

Happiness in a Box at Le 15 Patisserie
Macaroons – Made with love
Red Velvet Cupcake at Le 15 Patisserie
Choux Pastries at Le 15 Pattiserie

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