Foodie Adventures in Tokyo

Tokyo, the capital city of Japan is known for its lip-smacking Japanese cuisine. From fine-dining restaurants to cafes, from sushi parlors to ramen stalls, this place is sure to provide you with a one-of-a-kind gastronomic experience. Walk around and you’ll see diners slurping freshly made noodles, chefs rolling sushis, sweets displayed at store windows and tourists wondering what to eat. If you need to know where to begin, read on and find out more.

1) Sushi –
Sushi is a Japanese food consisting of cooked rice combined with other ingredients, seafood and vegetables. It is a Japanese speciality and is available at every restaurant that serves Japanese cuisine all over the world. In Tokyo, relish delicious sushi for breakfast at a shop just outside Tsukiji market, the world’s biggest wholesale fish and seafood market


2) Ramen –
Also known as Chinese noodle soup, this delicacy is surely worth a try and is best served at century old shops around Tokyo. Some of these ancient shops are so popular that you are sure to wait in a line for as long as an hour


3) Taiyaki –
Taiyaki is a sweet pastry filled with sweet red bean or sweet potato, in the shape of a fish. It may sometimes also consist of custard, chocolate or cheese and is sure to leave you craving for more


4) Negitoro Don –
This Japanese speciality is a combination of raw tuna and green onions over rice that is enjoyed best when served warm

Negi-toro don

5) Okonomiyaki/Monchayaki –
Okonomiyaki are Japanese Style ‘pancakes’ that can be made with any number of ingredients (cabbage, thin slices of pork belly, octopus, shrimp, cheese etc.) This popular dish originated in the Kansai Area but has been served in some areas like Asakusa for a very long time, making it a perfect dish to enjoy in Tokyo as well as Kansai.


Unlike Okonomiyaki, Monchayaki is a 100% Tokyo-style dish. It is Okonomiyaki’s gloopy, soupy cousin, made with a flour-based batter topped with shredded cabbage and other ingredients and cooked on a griddle. Best enjoyed in one of the small restaurants located at Tsukishima Monja Streets

6) Tamagoyaki –
This Japanese fried omelette is yummiest at the various specialized shops just outside Tsukiji market


7) Chanko Nabe –
A hot pot designed to ‘fatten up’ sumo wrestlers with a variety of ingredients like meat, cabbage and seasonal vegetables. Originally only served in sumo stables, the tasty hot pot nowadays is also very popular with the general public. The best places to enjoy this dish can be found in Ryogoku where most sumo stables are located

Chanko Nabe

8) Sweet crepe –
Filled with ice cream, fruits and whipped cream, the gigantic sweet wraps have not much in common anymore with the original from France, but are definitely worth a try. The most famous shops are on trendy Takeshita street in Harajuku

Sweet Crepes

9) Takoyaki –
Also known as fried octopus, they are small ball-shaped snacks with octopus inside. Originating in Osaka, you can find some great street food stalls selling takoyaki in Tokyo too


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*All images have been sourced from Google & Pinterest


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