Rain Over Me

When it rains, she feels free,
As free as a bird, she ought to be!
No sorrow or tears nor any pain,
She feels complete, the moment it rains.

While others look for shelter,
She looks up to the gloomy sky,
As rain falls on her face,
She feels a gentle high.

The thunder never frightened her,
Nor did the lightning scare,
To nature she was connected,
To humans, aware.

Rains bring out different emotions in people. Some feel happy and joyful while some feel melancholic. Some eagerly wait for it to pour while some fuss with the slightest drizzle.

Monsoon reminds me of my gorgeous city, Mumbai. The scare of Cyclone “Nisarga” got the better of us today. So, here’s to my fellow Mumbaikars and to the place I call home – No matter how strong the storm may be, our undying spirit will always be stronger than the storm!

After rain comes fair weather
Beyond the fog lies clarity
A tree with strong roots, laughs at storms
Sometimes you just need to disconnect and enjoy your own company
Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience
Let’s wander where the wifi is weak
To enjoy the rainbow…first enjoy the rain
Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain
Life can be blurry in monochrome
When life gives you rainy days, wear your boots and jump in the puddles
Mumbai – the city that never sleeps!


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