Buntastic Buns now at Kamala Mills!

Say good-bye to your regular bun-maska with Pappa Roti’s exotic fare of freshly baked buntastic buns that are crisp and crunchy on the outside, pillowy soft, perfectly flaky and lip-smackingly buttery on the inside. I guess you’re wondering how and why as they appear to be simple…bite into one and you’ll know what the hype is about.


Nutella-Hazelnut, Lotus, Cheese are some highly recommended ones but there’s a lot more to pick from. Their beverage menu is also something to look out for. Expect a wide selection of herbal teas from Rose to Za’atar served along with a timer to brew your cuppa as per preference, coffee’s – think Popcorn Latte, Espresso Macchiato, Affogato, indulgent milkshakes like Vanilla, Strawberry, Date and an array of slushes, smoothies and fresh juices.


In case you decide to give their decadent buns and beverages a miss, their extensive variety of savory bites like shakshouka eggs, pastas, pizzas, wraps among others look as good as they taste. Recently opened at Kamala Mills, Pappa Roti’s flagship cafe in Mumbai has been long awaited. Needless to say, after winning hearts in Hyderabad and New Delhi, this Malaysian treat is slowly but surely making its way into the hearts of Mumbaikars! So if a cozy, cutesy cafe is what you’re looking for, this is surely a place worth bookmarking!




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