7 reasons to visit Eataly

If you think The Dubai Mall is a haven for shopaholics, think again! It houses something for everyone, especially for food lovers. Amidst all the bustling restaurants, kiosks and cafes, sits a paradise for Italophiles called Eataly – and trust me, this should be a must-visit on everyone’s to-do list. For those who turn to pizza for therapy, cheese and crackers for contentment or those who find their linguine oh-so-comforting, this is the finest, authentic Italian experience that one can have without visiting Italy. You may be wondering why? Well, continuare a leggere.

1) Taste of Italy in Dubai:
Make sure you arrive hungry because there’s just so much you will want to try out here…and you must! Whether you choose to gorge on their extensive antipasti, insalate, risotto or mains or their tempting sharing platters – everything served up is authentic to the core.


2) Paradiso della Pasta & Pizza:
It’s a known fact that Italians take their food very seriously, especially their pasta and pizzas. It’s no different at Eataly – you’re sure to be awed by their culinary splendor. Expect a whole new level of freshness on your plate as all their pasta and pizzas are freshly made in-house from scratch and whipped up using the freshest ingredients. Why choose one when you can have it all? Hope you’re ready to be spoilt for choice.


3) #CookingInspiration:
If you’ve dreamed of cooking an authentic Italian feast – it’s about to come true! And if you haven’t, I’m sure you’ll find enough inspiration here to do so. From spreads, jams, biscuits, crackers, sauces, herbs to cold-pressed olive oils – these are just a few offerings from Eataly’s retail section. If you’re confused about what to pick, they have small tasting portions to try what suits your palate and notes that explain how to pick various ingredients. I promise you won’t be able to walk out empty-handed.





4) Bakery to die for:
Have you ever felt butterflies fluttering in your stomach and a pool of drool ready to slip out of your mouth?…Well, that’s exactly what’s going to happen when you smell a whiff of freshly baked bread and see a giant loaf of ever-so-tempting ciabatta right in front of you. Their bakery section is a real treat to the eyes, mouth and stomach.



5) Say Cheese:
In Italian cuisine, cheese is a huge part of the meal and can be served before, after, during a meal, as a garnish, topping or an ingredient – there is no fixed course. At Eataly, you are sure to find a varied variety of cheeses. It can get really confusing as you’ll find some cheeses that you haven’t even heard of. The chefs at the counter are extremely kind and will be more than happy to help you decide what’s best for you depending upon your requirements. So whether you pick their ‘Cheese of the Day’ or what suits your taste buds, make sure to at least try a few that you haven’t heard of. You won’t regret it later!





6) Sweet Treats:
Imagine having access to dreamy gelato and mouth-watering tiramisu all year round – yes that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Thanks to Eataly, you can satisfy your dessert cravings with just one metro ride. They also have a real-life Nutella bar where you can get yourself a waffle, crepe or whatever you want with oodles of this all-time favorite hazelnut-chocolate spread. That’s not it. After you’re done with a delicious meal and dessert, you can finally relax with a cup of authentic Italian coffee. Pro tip: Order an Affogato that entails three wondrous scoops of delish gelato drowned in freshly brewed espresso. Guilty pleasures? Maybe.






7) Kitchen aid:
Well, talk about kitchen swag…their kitchen aid section is slaying it and how. Be ready to swoon over espresso pots and Italian imported cutlery. Whether you’re looking to buy serious kitchen appliances or simply going with the flow – I hope you know that you’re going to stash your kitchen up with a whole lot more than just what you need. They also have cookbooks with some of their most prized, age-old recipes that can help enrich your knowledge in Italian food.



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