Honeymoon Beauty & Travel Essentials

After the unavoidable frenzy that accompanies wedding planning, most couples want to get done with the mumbo-jumbo and jump straight into the honeymoon! Whether you’re the type of newlyweds that wants to experience the great African safari or a duo that sits back on a sandy beach, sips one-two-many margaritas and cuddles up in the cabana right after – your first holiday post-nuptials ought to be special and memorable in every way.

You may choose to travel to your dream destination with your lover or together accomplish one of the many places on your bucket list but if you’re planning activities that involve sweat and sun, do take that into consideration while packing. To make life easier, we’ve collated a list of beauty and travel essentials for every bride-to-be.

Winter Wonderland:


Pearl-white mountains, snowflakes and cold winds blowing through your hair – probably what an ideal romantic getaway should be like. Or so we’re made to believe, thanks to Bollywood movies! However, chilly weather can have an impact on your lustrous locks and skin. Cold saps the hair of moisture, making it dry and easily breakable. So, to avoid becoming a hot mess, tuck in a hair masque or a highly intensive conditioner and try using heated appliances as minimum as possible. For skin, use a good hydrating moisturizer that will prevent dryness and leave you with a long lasting glow. A high intensive hand and foot cream can do wonders for cracked, sore skin. If your lips get chapped easily, a lip balm is a must. Take along these itsy-bitsy things and enjoy your time amidst the cool and chilling winds.
Tip: Bring out your trench coats, mittens, boots, mufflers & goggles. Don’t you want to look your best while taking a snow-fie?

Sunny Sojourn:


If you’re heading for a sundrenched honeymoon in a tropical island, chances are you’ll be living in your bathing suit. So the first and most important thing you need is a sunscreen lotion with an SPF higher than 15 to avoid burns and damages. Generously apply everywhere, especially in forgotten areas like the ears, nose, eyelids, neck and top of the feet. Sunscreens wear off easily, so you have to keep reapplying every hour to avoid burns. If you have really sensitive skin, a day at the beach may cause some redness. Apply heaps of aloe vera gel as it has a cooling effect. If you’re planning to wear makeup most of the time, waterproof cosmetics are your best bet. Saline water adversely affects the hair causing it to become coarse, dry and frizzy. Double up on the conditioner and moisturize with Shea butter or coconut oil. Also, never ever comb immediately after getting out of the water. Condition first and then comb with a detangler to avoid breakage.
Tip: What to pack in your beach bag? Swimsuit, flip-flops, hat and shades … only thing missing is a strawberry daiquiri!

Adventure Escapade:


No matter what’s on your exploration itinerary, wet wipes have changed the travel game. Carry 2-3 packets; preferably cucumber ones and you’re sorted for the rest of the trip. If you’re following the outdoorsy theme, now would be the time to throw in a travel-size, scented deodorant or talcum powder to absorb sweat along with an insect repellent to keep prowling insects at bay. Another vanity must have is a dry shampoo. It’s practical, convenient to use and keeps you fresh until you hit the shower. Also, pick an aromatic body butter or body lotion to keep your skin soft and smooth. Avoid using too much makeup; instead keep it natural with just a BB cream, mascara and some lip-gloss.
Tip: Say good-bye to foot blisters by wearing a comfortable pair of walking shoes. For safety reasons, carry a torch, small compass and binoculars.



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