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Food Delivery Services

Mumbai is seeing a steady rise in the number of food lovers by the day. With newer restaurants and bars opening almost every week and with a variety of cuisines to choose from, people are becoming experimental and open to trying dishes that break the stereotype.

While some enjoy dining out, others prefer relishing delicious food in the comfort of their home. For the latter, there are several food delivery services that are taking the city by storm. Ordering food at home has never been easier – with loads of options to suit every taste bud, it is more convenient, faster and cheaper than dining out. From traditional home-cooked meals to scrumptious bites from your favorite  restaurant, there is something for everyone.

Here is a rundown of a few tried and tested food delivery services in Mumbai.

– Tiny Owl:


Tiny Owl is a user-friendly app that has made ordering for food easier than ever before. The app, once downloaded, detects your location and suggests restaurants in your area. Once you have placed an order, the app saves your user details so that you can avoid the entire procedure of entering all your details for your next orders. Payment can be made by card or by cash on delivery. The food gets delivered fresh and hot, within 30 minutes.

What I tried: Spinach and Cheese Pav from Pack-a-pav.

My experience: As soon as my order had been placed, the app displayed the estimated time of delivery – 20 minutes. Two Spinach and Cheese Pavs were packed in an airtight container along with several dips on the side; each one packed separately in mini containers.

The Wow factor: I was also excited to see a thank you note from the Chef at Pack-a-pav. Their packaging was impressive and the food was also fresh and warm.

– Hola Chef:

 Hola Chef boats of home-style food freshly prepared by some of the city’s finest home chefs, delivered to your doorstep within 45 minutes. The menu changes every day, and consists of options that range from traditional dal chawal to chicken shawarma and more. The menu also gives details of the chefs behind each preparation. The user has to enter a pin number and the app displays multiple options of food available in the area. Once the selection has been made, the user can make payment – online or cash on delivery. Currently available only in certain areas of Mumbai, this service is looking to expand to other areas as well.

What I tried: Mix Veg in Hunan Sauce with Malaysian Flat Noodles and Kungpao Potatoes by Chef Sahil Lulla

My Experience: Upon making my final selection, I was asked to sign in with my mobile number, name and email id, after which I could select my method for payment.

The Wow factor: My food was delivered piping hot to me within 45 minutes, well packaged in containers placed in a Hola chef carry bag.

– Kitchens by Priya Jham:

Chef Priya Jham, Founder & Owner – Kitchens by Priya Jham, has been an expert in the food industry for over twenty years. A true foodie at heart, she started her career with basic cooking workshops, and then, successfully made her passion her profession with the launch of Kitchens… Known for its delectable Indian and Sindhi food, among other cuisines, it provides catering services for private parties, corporate gatherings, in-house MNC staff meals, and much more. It is also famous for its soul-satisfying tiffins and designer chocolates. One can either opt for a vegetarian or non-vegetarian tiffin. The former is priced at INR 110 and includes a portion of dal, rice, two sabzis (one gravy and one dry), rotis, salad and papad, while the latter is priced at INR 150. Priya also demonstrates some of her signature recipes for popular cooking channels like FoodFood and Cook Book.

What I tried: Non-veg tiffin

To place an order: Log onto their Facebook page , email them on

My Experience: I placed an order for the non-vegetarian tiffin through their Facebook page. It included Salad, Papad, Rice, Dal, Butter Chicken, Veg Sabzi and Rotis.

The Wow Factor: They promptly confirmed my request and my tiffin was delivered to me within a few hours. The food was absolutely delicious and it comfortably served two.

– Red Ninja Express:

Red Ninja Express, founded in 2011, was the first in Mumbai to introduce New York-style takeout boxes with their famous ‘Ninja Box.’ Their chefs have previously worked with Michelin-starred restaurants, and promise a complete feast for Chinese lovers. They provide lip-smacking soups, appetizers, gravies, noodles, rice, and dim sums that are sure to leave you craving for more. Currently, they undertake catering orders for individuals and corporates all over the city, but their delivery services are only available in Bandra, Khar, and Santacruz.

What I tried: Chicken sui mai and the Super Ninja Box

To place an order: Call them on +91 22 26006007 or order online here.

My Experience: Once you log onto their website, make a selection from their various categories. The dishes selected by you are added to your cart and upon confirmation; you can fill in the delivery details and payment method.

The Wow Factor: The food is delivered to you within an hour and is absolutely delicious.


An online, easy-to-use food delivery service, InstaKhaana is a great option when you want fresh food delivered within 20 minutes of ordering. Their menu changes every day, with two vegetarian and two non-vegetarian options to pick from. Your selection is speedily delivered in quirky Tata Nano food vans. This service is currently available only in Lower Parel, Parel, Mahalaxmi, Worli, and BKC.

What I tried: Chicken meatballs with spaghetti, chicken makhani, roti, roasted vegetables with mashed potato, and garlic bread

To place an order: Click here to place an order.

My Experience: Upon selecting my location, various food options along with the deals of the day were shown to me. After making a selection, I filled in the delivery details.

The Wow Facotor:Within 20 minutes, the InstaKhaana wagon was at my building and freshly made food was delivered at my doorstep.

– Ola Cafe:

Ola cabs have recently diversified by launching Ola Café, a food delivery service where customers can place an order for lunch, dinner, or evening snacks from select restaurants within their vicinity by using the Ola mobile app. The food is delivered within 20 minutes, currently only in select areas across Mumbai. Payment can be made using the Ola Money Wallet or by cash on delivery.

What I tried: Chana Bhatura

To place an order: Download the Ola Cabs app on your smartphone

My Experience:I made my selection from the various options available between 12pm to 3pm. I could track my food with the help of the app, once my order had been placed.

The Wow Factor: Within 20 minutes, the delivery boy called up for the exact address, and my food was delivered to me.


Started by four passionate foodies, Chatpata Chef provides healthy, low-fat, economical meals in tiffins for lunch and dinner. They have various meal options from Monday to Saturday that are divided into five categories – Mini, Standard, Premium, 3S, and Healthy meals. Once you select your meal, Mumbai’s iconic dabbawallahs deliver the tiffin fresh and hot to your doorstep on the next working day. Their services are currently available from Khar to Colaba, and they are soon planning to open outlets across Mumbai.

What I tried: Brinjal and cabbage kofta curry, Mughlai dal, and phulka

To place an order: Call them on +91 98202 63313 or order online here.

My Experience: I opted for the Mini Meal that included a vegetable, dal and four phulkas. They have various payment options, but I opted to make an online payment.The next day, my food was delivered to me fresh and hot in airtight containers.

Have you tried any of these food delivery services? How was your experience?

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  1. Thanks for sharing such a great article on various food catering services in Mumbai. Can you give me list of various online tiffin servicein Mumbai.

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    1. Hi Mridula.. Thank you for your kind words.. Do have a look at Kitchens for online tiffin services!


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