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Born and raised in Mumbai, married & settled in Dubai; I love to click, eat and travel – not always in the same order. My fondest memories have been created around a dinner table sharing a delicious meal with the family, huddling by a street cart vendor with a friend or indulging in life-changing conversations over a cup of coffee. I have learnt to appreciate little things in life after discovering my love for photography. Ever since the travel bug has bitten me, I have found myself deeply addicted to parks, adventure sports, bubble tea, cheesecakes, sushi and lots more. Exploring different cultures and cuisines, interacting with different people has taught me things I would never be able to learn otherwise (not even with the help of Google).

According to Wikipedia, ‘A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, informal text entries (posts).’ But I’d like to describe my blogging space as an online diary because that’s what it is for me. It is a platform through which I share my ideas and experiences and connect with audiences all over the world. It is a place where I can say what I want, when I want and however I want to say it. To me, That Foodie Chick is a way of expressing my unflinching love for food, photography, travel and real-life experiences through thoughts, words and photos.
Join me in my journey as I’m all set to explore the world – one plate…place at a time! I promise it will be worth the whisk… I mean risk!

#FYI: Ever since I started blogging, I have had the opportunity of contributing to the following magazines, newspapers & websites in India and Dubai:
– UAE’s TeleLIFE Magazine
– Girls Guide to Paris
– Hair Magazine
– Food & Wine India
– Afternoon DC
– Bombay Times
– Huffington Post India
– MensXP
– UAE’s Dine In The City
– Polka Cafe
– Mumbai Net

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