Carnival by Tresind…Coming soon to Dubai!

Whether you stay in Dubai or not, I’m sure you have heard about Tresind, a progressive Indian fine-dining restaurant that has taken the city by a storm. When it launched in Dubai, it took fine-dining to a whole new level with its molecular presentation. For people who were unaware about the concept of molecular gastronomy, Tresind wowed them by making them experience it first hand. Everyone who dined at the restaurant only had praises for Chef Himanshu Saini’s delectable Indian fare.

carnival fb covers-02

Following the success of this molecular Indian restaurant, the young chef is all set to unveil his second adventure – ‘Carnival by TresInd.’ Launching in February 2016, Chef Saini and his team will introduce the world to post modern Indian cuisine – something that has never been seen before.

12241518_1524068904570156_8889818979263319741_n (1)

Carnival by Tresind will be located in DIFC, Dubai’s bustling corporate hub where diners can experience a contemporary interpretation of authentic Indian delicacies. The decor will be chic and minimilistic with colorful hues and brown stone floors. A selection of mocktails and cocktails will be served at the open bar where people can enjoy their drinks under a custom made bottled glass ceiling. Since food is the highlight of this place, Executive Chef Himanshu Saini and Chef Paritosh Sharma from Tresind along with Chef Vinu Raveendran from Mugaritz, Spain have skillfully crafted a culinary experience that engages all the senses.

Witness artistic sorcery at the table and lots more at this whimsical wonderland as they are all set to create a gastronomical gala par excellence. As Bhupender Nath, Founder & CEO of Passion F&B, the management behind Tresind Dubai says, “With Tresind, we reinvented Indian cuisine by giving traditional dishes a modern twist, and with Carnival, we hope to take that legacy a notch above. I am certain that this concept has the potential to become one of the leading F&B destinations in the Emirates. We intend to open many further restaurants in the fine dining and lounge space in a careful strategy that will result in an outstanding portfolio.”

While Tresind has set really high standards, we can only wait and see what Carnival by Tresind has in store. After all February isn’t too far away!



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The all new La Folie Lab!

When Chef Sanjana Patel introduced Mumbai to her scrumptious desserts, it was pretty evident that she was all set to revolutionize the city’s culinary scene. After two successful stores in Kala Ghoda and Lower Parel, her latest outlet – La Folie Lab, offers a complete sensorial experience. A new and different concept, it promises to give its customers the best dessert experience ever.

La Folie Lab - 7

What to expect:
– A swanky new place that is modern and organic.

– Step in and you can spend hours chatting, indulging or simply watching chefs plate desserts and other items to perfection.

– The decor is very chic and different from regular studios. Bright yellow bar stools, a modern éclair bar, unique crockery, finger imprinted cutlery and a glass facade with vanilla pods and candied oranges makes the space vibrant and beautiful.

– Walk in during the day and watch chefs swing in action as they roll traditional French baguettes, temper dark chocolate and glaze éclairs to perfection.

– As the sun goes down, the studio transforms into a chic dessert bar with a variety of sweet treats that include the existing take away dessert menu, éclairs, a la minute desserts and their ‘dessert art’ weekend specials.

– Desserts aren’t the only thing to look out for at La Folie Lab. An extensive savory menu has also been introduced that features all-time breakfast favorites like Croque Monsieur and Eggs Benedict and innovative dishes like a Savoury Mille-Fuille among others.

– Each dish is prepared using fresh produce that are harvested from the ‘living wall’ (a vertical garden that features an assortment of live herbs and micro-greens).

– A dedicated eclair bar offers unique flavors like Berry Cheesecake, Salted Caramel Popcorn and Black Sesame.

– Though the service is a tad bit slow, everything that comes to your table is fresh and flavorful.

#1 Libra Towers,
70 Hill Road (Opposite St. Peter’s Church),
Bandra, Mumbai – 400050.

La Folie Lab - 5

La Folie Lab - 1


Quiche made with field mushrooms, baby spinach, grana padano and radish micro greens

FullSizeRender(4) copy

Savoury Mille- Fuille made with spiced roasted pumpkin, goat’s cheese, pumpkin seeds, pistachio dukkah, arugula salad, pomegranate, lemon maple dressing, paprika mille feuille base


Mandarin made with orange marmalade jelly, baked japanese cheesecake and philadelphia orange cream

FullSizeRender(3) copy 3

La Folie’s 100% Chocolate Cookie served straight from the oven with chocolate truffle drizzle and freshly churned bourbon vanilla ice cream

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5 things that happened at the #GoCheeseTastingEvent

If you’re following me on social media, I’m sure you know by now that I recently attended the #GoCheeseTastingEvent organized by Femina in association with Go Cheese at blueFROG, Mumbai with Chef Ranveer Brar.


Selfie with Ranveer Brar

Here are 5 things that happened at the event:

– The afternoon started on a funny note with standup comedian Angad Singh Ranyal’s hilarious act. The Pirated Sardar surely left the audience in splits with his wise cracks and one liners. All the Punjabi’s in the house were seen laughing out loud to his famous line – Punjabi’s either create history or catastrophe!

– Next, Mr. Mahesh Israni, CMO of Parag Milk Foods took to stage to brief us about Go Cheese. ‘There are over 2200 varieties of cheese available all over but still India consumes only 9% of cheese. Our aim is to change that,’ he said. The company is divided into three categories – Gowardhan (focuses on kitchen consumption like ghee, paneer, etc), Go (targets the youth with its quirky brand image), Pride of Cows (premium farm milk in Mumbai & Pune).

– Soon after, celebrity chef Ranveer Brar took centre stage and was warmly welcomed with a thundering round of applause. He introduced us to the different varieties of Go Cheese and also to his specially curated cheese themed menu. Out of all the varieties available, he recommends trying Go Cheese’s Almette that will soon be available in the market.

– After an interactive session with Chef Ranveer, the audience sipped on wine while relishing their scrumptious cheese platter. A variety of mains and desserts made with cheese were also served.

– According to Ranveer Brar:
1) Wine and cheese go well together because of their acidity
2) The combination of Earl Grey and Cheddar are a match made in heaven
3) Mild Cheddar and Indian Spices will leave you craving for more
4) When you have garma-garam samosas with Gouda, you wont be able to stop yourself at just one
5) While baking, try to blend two or more cheeses. Parmesan is perfect, if you’re looking for a crumbly texture while Mozzarella gives you a creamier texture
6) Try mixing Parmesan and White Chocolate for dessert and you’ll be licking your fingers and maybe even the bowl after you’re done
7) During winter, enjoy mature cheeses and even Blue cheese along with some crackers

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Angad Singh Ranyal shows us how girls pose for pictures


Mr. Mahesh Israni talks about Go Cheese

Our scrumptious cheese platter


Our gift hamper


Goodies inside the hamper

Sweet dreams are made of cheese…who am I to dis-a-Brie!

How to make Cheese Pakoras with Go Cheese:
– 1 cup Go Cheese Angles
– 1 onion thinly chopped
– 4 green chillies thinly chopped
– 1 cup Bengal gram flour (besan)
– 2 tbsp corn flour
– 1/2 tsp cumin powder
– A pinch of black pepper powder
– A pinch of baking soda
– 1/2 tsp red chilli powder
– Fresh cilantro chopped
– Salt to taste
– Oil to deep fry

– Take a big bowl and mix the flours, onion, green chillies, baking soda, salt, cilantro and spices
– Add little water for making the average consistency pakora batter. Make sure there are no lumps
– Heat oil in a pan. Dip each Go Cheese Angle one by one into the batter, coat from all the sides and drop into hot oil
– Deep fry few at a time until pakora turns crispy and little brown
– Remove on oil absorbent paper and serve hot with coriander chutney and tomato sauce.