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Mumbainet story on 6 new places in Mumbai

Mumbai is a melting pot of various cultures and cuisines. With an increasing number of restaurants opening in the city, people are now open to experimenting with their palates. However, food is no longer about taste only. Most chefs and restaurateurs these days are looking to offer unique experiences to their customers. With innovative dishes, molecular gastronomy and spectacular presentations, culinary experts are going all out to provide guests with the best kind of food they have ever seen or eaten before.

Here’s an exciting list of the city’s newest hotspots that feature everything you’re looking for.

Pa Pa Ya:
When we heard Zorawar Kalra is opening a restaurant at Palladium, our excitement knew no bounds. And rightfully so! Dream of a dish and you’re sure to find it at one of his restaurants. Pa Pa Ya, his newest Pan-Asian restaurant offers a complete sensory experience. From sushi burgers to chicken tacos, flaming shots to exploding desserts, one can experience molecular gastronomy at its best here. Every dish will leave you mesmerized as it is plated to perfection just like a piece of art. Walk in hungry and you’ll be in for a gastronomical feast!

Beer battered Avacado Tacos, corn and scallion kimchee at Pa Pa Ya

Soda Bottle Openerwala:
A wave of nostalgia embraces you as soon as you step in to AD and Sabina Singh’s restaurant at Bandra Kurla Complex. The décor is quirky yet beautiful and captures the real essence of an age-old Irani joint in a modern day setting. With Parsi favorites like Baida Roti, Dhansak, Berry Pulao, Raspberry Soda and more, this place surely takes you back in time. Apart from lip-smacking Parsi dishes, you can also tuck into delicious Mumbaiya style food.

Keema Baida Roti at Soda Bottle Openerwala

Palladium Social:
Mumbai’s most popular, pocket-friendly gastro pub has taken the city by storm with its innovative cocktails and bar grub. After taking over Colaba and Todi Mills, Social recently opened its doors to the city’s glitzy shopping centre. Apart from its regular finger food, this outlet also has a special Beer & Burger Menu. Whether you’re in the mall splurging on brands or watching a movie, stop by for a drink, a quick bite or to simply get a feel of the place. We promise… you won’t regret it!

Mezze Platter at Palladium Social

If you love street food and the city’s scorching heat is stopping you from indulging, Nariman Point’s new restaurant offers street specials with a twist in a clean and comfortable environment. With names as corny as Do Dil Mil Rahe Hai and Chennai se China Tak, their menu is sure to grab your attention at a glance. Make sure you try all their unique dishes but leave some space for the desserts. Because their absolutely-finger-licking-delicious Jalebi sandwich called Jalebi Bai will leave you drooling long after you’re done.

Jalebi Bai at DesiKlub

Ever wondered what Pani Puri Sorbet would taste like? You can now try it at Papacream; South Mumbai’s latest ice cream parlor that serves superb liquid nitrogen based ice cream sans colors, flavors or preservatives. Treat yourself to a fantastic range of savory ice creams like Mexicano, Masala Chaas and Spicy Guava – all of which are worth trying. With unique flavors and so many options, you will surely be screaming for tubs of ice cream!

Pani Puri Sorbet at Papacream

The city’s favorite French creperie recently launched its third outpost in Powai, twice the size of the other two outlets. Unlike the Bandra & Nariman Point branches, this one has an in-house bakery where breads will be baked daily in two batches. Not just that, their menus have also been revamped so crepe crazy folks can now look forward to a variety of tempting savory options. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Next time you drive down to Powai, savor a crepe, smoothie or their delectable cookies, macaroons, croissants and desserts.

Suzette Powai

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Macaroon Demonstration by Le Cordon Bleu’s Pâtisserie Chef Nicolas Houchet

World renowned in the culinary industry and with a heritage expanding over 120 years, Le Cordon Bleu is one of the finest institutions in the world that offers a wide range of courses in cuisine, pâtisserie, wine and management. It is dedicated to providing excellence in culinary arts for all of its 20,000 annual students, across 40 schools in 20 countries. Le Cordon Bleu recently visited India with Pâtisserie Master Chef Nicolas Houchet who led pâtisserie demonstrations at various locations across the country.

Chef Nicolas has participated in several competitions, coming 2nd in the French festival National du Croquembouche in 2002 and 11th in the festival International du Croquembouche in 2004. He worked as an apprentice for Restaurant Hammerer, a pâtisserie, chocolaterie and boulangerie in Nancy for five years where he mastered pâtisserie as he trained under award-winning mentor, Jean Claude Hammerer (Pastry Chef of the year 2000). Since then, there’s been no looking back for him. At the prestigious 5-star Le Grand Hotel de la Reine, he worked as Chef de Partie before moving to London where he set up Pâtisserie Macaron and worked as Head Chef for 5 years and Director for 2 years. In 2010, he joined Le Cordon Bleu London and has been teaching pâtisserie to budding bakers ever since.

During the institute’s recent trip to Mumbai, Chef Nicolas demonstrated his expert techniques at the exquisite Sofitel Mumbai BKC. I was fortunate to attend this amazing demo and learn the art of making perfect macaroons from the award-winning master chef himself. Not only did he demonstrate how to make the most delectable macaroons, he also took us through life at the esteemed institute by sharing interesting anecdotes. The demonstration was soon followed by a quick Q&A and a much-awaited tasting session.

With Master Chef Nicolas Houchet

Entremet 1 L’Été indien (Eggs free entremet):

Light chocolate mousse:
300 gr dark chocolate
225 gr milk
500 gr whipping cream
5gr gr gelatine

Soak the gelatine in cold water
Heat up the milk and dissolve the gelatine in. Gradually pour over the chocolate and stir to form a shiny mass, once cooled to 30C add in the whipped whipping cream
Use immediately or cool down further in such a way that you should be able to pipe the mousse

Mango and Lime jelly:
200 gr mango puree
50 gr lime juice
75 gr caster sugar
8 gr gelatine

– Heat up the juice and puree with the sugar
– Add in the soaked gelatine
– Pour in a mould/ring/fudge pan and let it set for 45min minimum in a freezer

Moist cocoa sponge:
100 gr T55 flour
100 gr dark brown sugar/Muscovado sugar
25 gr cocoa powder
8gr soda bicarbonate
125 gr water
50 gr vegetable oil/olive oil
10 gr balsamic vinaigar
10 gr vanilla extract

– Sieve all the dry ingredients together
– Add in gradually the wet ingredients until they combine
– Spread on baking sheet and bake for 12-16min at 180C

Glacage chocolat:
145 gr water
195 gr sugar
120 gr whipping cream
12 gr gelatin leaf
60 gr cocoa powder

– Soak the gelatin leaves in ice cold water, once softened drain off the excess water
– Place the caster sugar, water, cocoa powder and whipping cream into a pan and bring to a boil
– Take off the heat and add in the gelatin, blend with the hand blender and then pass through a fine sieve. Place into the fridge until ready to use

Tempered dark chocolate
Sugar garnishes
Fresh mango x1
Fresh limes x2

Entremet 2: Fraicheur Citron (Gluten FREE)

Flourless Cocoa and pistachios Sponge:
120 gr egg yolks
75 gr caster sugar
180 gr egg whites
75 gr caster sugar
35 gr cocoa powder
50 gr chopped pistachios

– Whisk egg yolks and 75 gr sugar until pale
– Make a meringue with the remaining sugar and egg whites
– Incorporate the meringue to the blanched egg yolks
– Incorporate the cocoa powder and spread out onto baking paper, sprinkle the top with pistachios
– Bake for 12 min at 180C

White chocolate and lime mousse:
150 gr whipping cream
70 gr egg yolks
10 gr gelatine
350 gr white chocolate
450 gr whipping cream
2 lime zest

– Cook an anglaise with the egg yolks and the 150 gr of whipping cream, add the soaked gelatine
– Pour the anglaise over the white chocolate in 3 inclusions
– Once cooled to 30c, add the whipped cream
– Use immediately

Lemon and lime Cremeux:
200 gr lemon juice
1 lemon zest
1 lime zest
175 gr caster sugar
3 eggs
50 gr egg yolks
140 gr butter
5 gr gelatine

– Cook the lemon juice, zests, sugar, egg yolks and whole eggs to the boil, add in the gelatine
– Once cooled down to 40c , incorporate the butter until fully emulsified
– Pour inside a mould and chill for 1h, it can also be piped after reconstitution

Yellow Glacage:
135 gr water
165 gr caster sugar
115 gr whipping cream
9 gr gelatine
75 gr white chocolate
White and yellow food colouring

– Combine cream sugar and water and bring to a boil, add the gelatine, then to the melted chocolate
– Let it cool and thicken before application

1x lemon
1x lime
Caramel garnishes
500gr dark or white chocolate


Chef Nicolas’ tip for aspiring pâtisserie chefs – Persevere. The first few months in a working environment are very hard work and it’s important to keep on going at this stage. Also, never forget the basic techniques – it’s nice to want to make complicated sugar work or fancy desserts but the basics are the most important skills to have. Remember the fewer ingredients in a recipe, the harder it is to get right.

Top Chefs From India’s Most Fabulous Restaurants Share Their Favourite Recipes For The Festive Season – Polka Cafe

screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-2-47-03-pmOne of the grandest and most celebrated festivals of India is finally here – Navratri. The nine days of Navratri is a time when many people across India observe various rituals to purify the mind, body and soul, and to invoke the blessings of the Goddess. One of these rituals is feasting!

We bring to you healthy recipes chosen by talented chefs from some of India’s most renowned hotels and restaurants. Go ahead and indulge yourself in unique vegetarian dishes at any of these restaurants or within the comfort of your home. We promise you will have a culinary feast to remember!

JW Marriott, Mumbai, Juhu: Bengalo ChorChori

<a href=

Chef’s take: Chef Suman Nayak, Chef de Partie, JW Marriott, New Delhi Aerocity, who is currently in Mumbai for Ambrosia, the Temple Feast, recommends the Bengalo ChorChori. An important dish that is served on the Sattami day of Dussera during Navratri, Bengalo ChorChori is a vegetarian delicacy that goes well as a side dish with any meal. Chorchori is a combination of fresh vegetables with aromatic spices.

150 gm mustard oil
10 gm ghee
25 gm mustard seeds
25 gm cumin
25 gm fennel
25 gm onion seeds
25 gm fenugreek seeds
25 gm bay leaf
250 gm potato
250 gm cauliflower
250 gm brinjal
250 gm raw banana
20 gm turmeric
50 gm green chilli
75 gm ginger
300 gm coconut milk
Salt to taste
300 ml water

Heat mustard till it smokes, so that the bitterness goes away.
– Add bay leaf, cumin, fennel, mustard seed, onion seeds, and fenugreek.
– Add ginger and garlic paste and sauté.
– Add all the vegetables, salt, and some water. Cover with a lid and cook for 15 minutes.
– Add coconut milk. Cover again and cook for 10 minutes.
– Garnish with chopped coriander.

Howard Johnson – Bangalore: Khuskhus Aloo

<a href=

Chef’s take: Chef Dev Bose, Executive Chef, Howard Johnson, recommends the Khuskhus Aloo as it is healthy and easy to make. Khus khus also cools the stomach, and is not very heavy.

3 green chillies
6 potatoes, peeled and cubed
Salt to taste
½ tsp turmeric powder
Chopped coriander leaves
3 dry red chillies
2 tbsp khus khus, roasted
3 tbsp oil
½ cup water

Grind the roasted khus khus along with the green chilies and a few tablespoons of water, to a very fine paste. Keep aside.
– Heat half of the oil in a pot for 2 minutes or till very hot.
– Shallow fry the potatoes in batches on medium heat, till they are lightly browned.
– Heat the remaining oil in the same pan.
– Mix in the whole dry red chilies and turmeric powder.
– Fry briefly.
– Now, mix in the khus khus paste and fry again on low heat for 5 minutes or till the oil leaves the sides of the pan.
– Mix in the fried potatoes.
– Mix in water and salt.
– Stir, cover, and keep on low heat for 15 minutes or till the potatoes are soft.
– Decorate with chopped fresh coriander.
– Serve hot.

Khandani Rajdhani, Mumbai: Rajgire Ka Thepla

Rajgira thepla - Khandani Rajdhani
Chef’s take: Maharaj Jodharam Choudhary, Corporate Chef, Khandani Rajdhani, recommends the Rajgire Ka Thepla as it is nutritious, tasty, and gluten-free. It is also extremely nourishing and keeps you from binge-eating during the days of fasting.

2 cups rajgira flour
2 medium-sized boiled potatoes
Rock salt to taste
1 ½ tsp chilli powder
1 tsp jeera powder
Ghee or oil for frying
Water for kneading
Some rajgira flour for dusting

In a bowl, mash the potatoes and mix in with the rajgira flour.
– Add rock salt, chilli powder, and jeera powder in the flour. Make a firm dough.
– Add water if needed. Then, make lemon-sized balls and roll each ball softly like a chapati.
– Use a lot of rajgira flour for dusting, as the chapatti will stick to the rolling pin otherwise.
– Heat a non-stick pan, place the rotis on it, and cook on both the sides. Add ghee or oil as required.
– Serve hot.

Courtyard by Marriott, Gurgaon: Khatti Meethi Kaddu Ki Sabzi

Courtyard by Marriott, Gurgaon - Navratri Thali
Chef’s take: Chef Saroj Muduli, Chef de Cuisine, Courtyard by Marriott, recommends the Khatti Meethi Kaddu Ki Sabzi as it is easy to make and the tangy, spicy flavor pleases the palate.

250 gm pumpkin
2 gm fenugreek seeds
3 gm cumin seeds
1 dry red chilli
2 gm chilli powder
2 gm turmeric powder
2 gm dry mango powder
5 gm jaggery
10 gm ghee
5 gm fresh coriander (chopped)
Sendha namak, as per taste

Wash and dice the pumpkin.
– In a deep vessel, heat ghee, and temper with fenugreek, cumin seeds and dry red chili.
– Add the diced pumpkin to the pan, and the chili powder, turmeric powder. and dry mango powder.
– Sauté for 2 minutes, and add the jaggery. Add some water and salt.
– Cover the pan with a lid, and cook for 8-10 minutes.
– Cook the pumpkin till it is soft. Check the seasoning and adjust. Garnish with coriander leaves.
– Chef’s tip: Serve the pumpkin dish with kuttu ki poori.

April Rain, Pune: Phaldhari Tikki

April Rain, Pune - Phaldari Tikki
Chef’s take: Chef Milind Sovani recommends the Phaldari Tikki as it is made using all the ingredients that are allowed while fasting. It also provides carbohydrates and starch that help to sustain energy levels during the fasting period.

2 raw bananas
1 cup fresh coriander
2 sweet potatoes
3 green chillies
1 medium-sized onion
1 tsp chaat masala
Salt to taste
½ tbsp lemon juice
½ cup maida
1 cup oil
8-10 cashewnuts

Boil raw banana and sweet potato. Peel the skin and grate it.
– Chop chilies, coriander and onion. Combine this with the vegetables grated earlier. Add the seasoning and lime juice. Mix well.
– Divide the mixture into 8 balls. Shape them like pears.
– Dust each ball with maida, and shallow fry it on the tawa until golden brown.
– Garnish them with a fried cashewnut each.
– Serve hot with a sprinkle of chaat masala and a dash of green chutney on top.

Sofitel, Mumbai BKC: Undhiyu

Sofitel Mumbai BKC, Undhiyu
Chef’s take: Chef Jankidas Vaishnav, Indian Vegetarian Specialist, Sofitel, Mumbai BKC, recommends Undhiyu because it uses loads of healthy winter vegetables and is filled with nutrients.

100 gm surti papdi
50 gm vaal papdi
150 gm sweet potato
100 gm purple yam
100 gm brinjal
100 gm baby potatoes
100 gm raw banana
5 gm ajwain
2 pinches of hing
Salt to taste
50 gm tamarind
5 gm garam masala
5 gm coriander powder
Green chilli
Green garlic
Coriander leaves
Grated coconut
Sesame seeds
Green toor dal
Rose water
Pure ghee
Oil as required
Salt to taste
Wheat flour and water mixed into a dough, to seal

Ingredients for muthiya:
50 gm besan
½ bunch methi leaves
Salt to taste
1 gm coriander powder
1 gm chili powder
1 gm turmeric powder
10 gm sugar
Juice of 2 lemons
1 gm white sesame seeds
Pinch of hing

Cut raw banana, sweet potato, and purple yam into cubes to fry.
– Cut surti papdi and vaal papdi and keep aside.
– Slit brinjal and baby potatoes and fry.
– Mix coconut, coriander and sesame seeds. Stuff this inside brinjals.
– Heat oil in a pan, add ajwain, hing and green garlic.
– Add vaal papdi, surti papdi and ginger/ green chilli paste and sauté.
– Once cooked, add all the fried vegetables and add muthiya into it.
– Add coriander powder, turmeric powder and garam masala. Let it cook.
– Add sugar, lemon juice, coriander and tamarind juice.
– Add the remaining coconut stuffing and cook.
– Once done, add ghee on top.
– Serve hot with puri.

Method for muthiya:
Chop methi leaves and wash them.
Add sesame seeds, oil, salt, chilli powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder, lemon juice and sugar.
– Keep aside for 2-3 minutes.
– Add besan in it and fry it till it acquires a nice brown colour.

Paatra at Jaypee Vasant Continental, New Delhi: Palak Akhrot ki Tikki

Palak Akhrot ki Tikki
Chef’s take: Vaibhav Suri, Executive Sous Chef, Paatra, Jaypee Vasant Continental, recommends Palak Akhrot Ki Tikki as it has a unique combination of ingredients and is very different from regular dishes. Usually, people like to eat Palak Paneer or Palak Ke Pakodey during Navratri. Paatra wanted to create something different, though, and thought this would be a perfect dish for vegetarians, with just the right amount of crunchiness and nutrient value.

1 kg spinach
200 gm walnuts
Salt to taste
20 gm chopped green chillies
10 gm chopped ginger
5 gm roasted jeera
Oil to fry
30 gm besan
10 gm kishmis

Blanch the spinach and finely chop it.
– Now heat oil in a kadhai and fry the spinach till it gets dry.
– Keep aside and allow to cool.
– Finely chop the walnuts.
– Mix the spinach with the walnuts, and add salt, finely chopped green chillies, chopped ginger, roasted jeera, besan and kishmis.
– Make six equal-sized patties of the dough, and shallow fry till golden brown.
– Serve hot.

Hoppipola, Mumbai: Paneer Bhurji Patty on a Ragi Crisp

Chef’s take: Chef Anil, Brand Chef, Hoppipola, recommends this dish as it adds an unusual twist to the classic Paneer Bhurji. Served on a ragi crisp, this one is as healthy as it is tasty.

100 gm cottage cheese
15 gm chopped jalapenos
10 gm chopped coriander
10 gm sweet paprika powder
10 gm smoked paprika powder
15 gm chopped onions
Salt to taste
5 gm pepper

Grate the cottage cheese and keep it aside.
– Add all the above ingredients. Mix well with the cottage cheese.
– Make small patties out of the dough, and sear them on a hot plate.
– Serve hot with ragi crisps and mint mayonnaise.

He Said She Said, Mumbai: Desi Ravioli

Desi Ravioli
Chef’s take: Chef Anand Gomes, Head Chef, He Said She Said, Mumbai, recommends the Desi Ravioli as it is a delectable fusion of various cuisines. It is a goat cheese and mushroom ravioli, with bhuna keema, shahi korma. and almond raita.

For the keema
20 gm soya wadi
15 gm green peas
10 gm carrot
20 gm onion
10 gm ginger-garlic paste
15 gm zucchini
15 gm bell pepper
20 gm potato
15 gm French beans
15 gm cauliflower
15 gm spinach
2 tbp coriander
1 tsp green chillies
1 medium-sized chopped tomato
2 tbp tomato puree
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
2 tsp Kitchen King masala
1/2 tsp chilli powder
4 tbp oil
1 tsp salt
1 tsp white pepper
1 tsp cumin seed
2 pcs bay leaf

Take a cup of hot water and soak the soya wadi for 10 minutes.
– Squeeze the soya wadis to drain out the excess water.
– Finely chop all vegetables.
– Heat oil in a pan and add soya wadis. Sauté on medium flame for about 2 minutes.
– Remove the cooked soya on to a plate.
– In the same pan, add the remaining oil and heat it. Add cumin seeds, bay leaves, and chopped onions and fry till brown. Add ginger-garlic paste and tomatoes, and fry till the tomatoes turn soft.
– Add all the powders, and fry till the masala starts releasing oil from the sides.
– Add tomato puree.
– Finally, add the finely chopped vegetables, soya granules, salt, chopped coriander leaves, and 1 cup of water. Mix well.
– Let the gravy simmer on a low flame for about 10 minutes.

For the goat cheese mushroom Ravioli:
400 gm flour
4 + 1 egg for stuffing
A pinch of salt
100 gm goat cheese
100 gm mushroom
2 tbsp panko
1 tbsp olive oil

Place the flour on a board or in a bowl and make a well in the centre.
– Crack the eggs into the well, add a pinch of salt. and mix the egg into the flour with a fork.
– Keep mixing. When crumbs form, put the mixture on a flat surface and knead together. Once it is all combined, knead until you have a silky, smooth, elastic dough.
– Cover with cling film and let rest for 30 minutes.
– Meanwhile, in a bowl, take goat cheese, sautéed mushroom, parsley, panko, olive oil, egg and grind to a paste. Roll out pasta into round shapes, fill with the mushroom-cheese mixture. Blanch pasta and reserve for plating.

For shahi korma:
40 gm onion
10 gm garlic-ginger paste
3 cardamoms
3 cloves
4 black peppers
2 cinnamon sticks
2 tsp cumin seeds
20 gm cashew
400 ml water
40 ml cream
1 tbp oil
½ tsp green chillies
1 tsp garam masala
1 tsp turmeric powder
1/2 tsp coriander powder
1/2 tsp red chilli powder
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper

Heat oil in small kadahi, add all the seasonings and stir for 2 minutes.
– Add onions and cook for a while. Add ginger-garlic paste, green chilies and cashew along with all dry masalas. Mix well.
– Add water and bring to a boil. Once water, evaporates a little, add cream. Check seasoning.
– Put fire on simmer. Check cashew. If it is soft, cool it and puree.

JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar: Makhaane ki Kheer

JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar - Makhaane ki Kheer
Chef’s take: Chef Vishal Atreya, Executive Chef, JW Marriott, Mumbai Sahar, recommends the Makhaane Ki Kheer, as it is a century-old recipe that goes well with the festivities. The ingredients are just perfect for the start of the winter season.

1.5 ltr milk
50 gm ghee
50 gm makhane
100 gm sugar
5 gm green cardamom
5 gm almonds

Heat ghee over low flame and sauté the makhane.
– Pound them coarsely after cooling.
– Put the coarsely pounded makhane and milk in a deep pan. Bring to boil.
– Simmer over low flame and stir occasionally till the makhane gets cooked and milk thickens.
– Add sugar and cardamom when cooked.
– Stir till the sugar is dissolved and then simmer for 15 minutes.
– Transfer to a serving dish and garnish with almonds.
– Serve hot or chilled as desired.

You can also read it on http://www.polkacafe.com/vegetarian-recipes-for-navratri-2013.html

10 Sunday Brunches In Mumbai That Have All The Makings Of A Long Leisurely Day – Polka Cafe

Brunch Story

Ideal Sundays comprise of a piping hot cup of coffee, a lavish brunch, and lots of sleep. For a Sunday brunch, don’t we all love the idea of an extravagant spread of delicious goodies, tall glasses of sangria, and soul-satisfying desserts? Someone once said, ‘A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.’ We couldn’t agree more!

Here’s our list of the best Sunday brunches in Mumbai.

The Table:

Indulge in Chef Alex Sanchez’s exciting menu with yummy treats like soft and chewy Original Liège Waffle, decadent Tiramisu Pancake, BBQ Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict, and a lot more. The Table’s Sunday brunch has something for everyone – from those looking for healthy cereals and farm-fresh salads to those wanting a more indulgent breakfast of eggs, steaks, and burgers. All this and more complemented by a hard-to-resist cocktail menu – beware…you’re in for a Sunday foodgasm!

Timing: 11 am to 4 pm

Address: The Table, Ground Floor, Kalapesi Trust Building, Behind Regal Cinema, Apollo Bunder Marg, Mumbai 400039

Contact: +91 22 22825000


The city’s highest roof-top destination, Asilo on the 38th floor of The St Regis, Mumbai, presents an array of brunch classics specially prepared by Chef Cyrus Irani. Pick from an extravagant spread of flat breads, cheeses, satays, cold cuts, salads, live stations, waffles, pancakes and scrumptious desserts. To add to it, Asilo’s signature cocktails are sure to make you unwind in style while you enjoy grooving to the beats of a live saxophonist and DJ. Fine food, breathtaking vistas, great drinks, and a superlative ambience – what’s not to love.

Timing: 12.30 pm onwards

Address: St Regis Mumbai, Level 38, 462, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013

Contact: +91 22 61628031


 Be prepared to be spoilt for choice with Boveda’s massive spread of salads, cereals, milkshakes, eggs, charcuterie, sandwiches, pizzas, live counters, barbecue stations, and lots more. What’s better? The fact that their food is complemented with a bottomless supply of lip-smacking sangrias, cocktails, mocktails, beers, and other spirits that are sure to set you into the mood. Can anything ever be more enjoyable than sharing pleasantries with your dear ones over scrumptious food, delicious drinks ,and board games? We don’t think so.

Timing: 12 pm to 4 pm

Address: G04, Morya Landmark One, Plot B-25, Off New Link Road, Oshiwara Village, Andheri Lokhandwala, Andheri West, Mumbai

Contact: +91 22 67080859

Citrus, The Leela Mumbai:

Tuck into a hearty spread at The Leela Mumbai’s contemporary all-day dining restaurant, Citrus, that includes something for every palate. Here, you will find a perfect Sunday brunch – a celebration with light music humming in the background. This multi-cuisine brunch makes for a great afternoon with South Indian, North Indian, Thai, Continental, and Middle-Eastern offerings. Not just that – they also have a range of soups, salads, grills, a shawarma and wood-fired pizza counter that only add to the experience. Last but not the least, their tempting dessert counter is undoubtedly the perfect way to end a lavish Sunday extravaganza.

Timing: 12pm onwards

Address: The Leela, Andheri-Kurla Road, Sahar, Andheri East, Mumbai

Contact: +91 22 66911234

Oh:Cha Kitchen & Bar:

OhCha Kitchen & BarEnjoy a Sparkling Sunday brunch at Oh:Cha Kitchen & Bar – Todi Mill’s famous Asian eatery. Chef Rakesh Talwar whips up a storm with his speciality starters, salads, soups, main course classics, and desserts. Indulge in dishes like Stir-Fry Tofu With Sriracha, Lemongrass Chicken, Holy Basil Chicken Bruschetta, Papaya Salad, and Pad-Thai Noodles, among others. Adding to the experience is flowing Casablanca wine along with a live saxophonist who plays classics like Careless Whispers, Somebody That I Used To Know, and Sway. You will surely be tapping a foot or two by the end of your brunch. We bet food won’t be the only thing you’re going to love here.

Timing: 12.30pm to 4pm

Address: Unit No.1, The New Mahalaxmi Silk Mills Premises, Mathuradas Mills Compound, N.M. Joshi Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai – 400013

Contact: +91 22 66334455


Brunch Spread China 1If you are looking for a perfect place to spend your Sunday afternoon, China 1 hosts a luxurious Sunday brunch that boasts of delectable Oriental cuisine. Starting with their salad, soup, and starters, and then moving on to their indulgent main course and desserts, their brunch menu will satisfy your every gluttonous desire. With dishes like Cottage Cheese Soya Chilli, Flaming Red Chicken Chilli, Thai Green Curry, Prawn In Black Pepper Sauce, and much more – this will undoubtedly be a feast for the soul.

Timing: 12 pm onwards

Address: C-5, Ground Floor, The Capital, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai-400051

Contact: +91 22 67381111

Romano’s at JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar:

Romano's at JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar - Brazino cartocchioApart from the Sunday brunch at JW Café, one can also indulge in an Italian Sunday brunch buffet at Romano’s, the property’s authentic, home-styled Italian restaurant where every dish is perfectly crafted using fresh, organic ingredients and homemade products. The buffet spread includes an elaborate antipasti counter, a charcuterie station, classic soups, and famed Italian cheeses, along with a wide selection of homemade pasta, pizzas, grills, and roasts – all served at your convenience on your table. The dessert counter allows guests to pick from a variety of lip-smacking desserts that are on offer, along with a gelato counter. You’re surely going to walk out of this place with a food coma!

Timing: 12.30 pm onwards

Address: Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, IA Project Rd, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400099

Contact: +91 22 2853865

Radio Bar:

Radio Bar, Bandra’s trendiest new hotspot recently launched sundowner Sundays. This happy station includes innovative cocktails, a salad station, and live grills that will surely leave you smiling. Chicken Cocktail Sausages, Corn On The Cob, Peri Peri BBQ Fish Strips, and Greek Vegetable Skewers are some of the items on their brunch menu. If you thought only Saturdays were happening at Radio Bar, try walking in on a Sunday afternoon.

Timing: 1pm onwards

Address: 355, New Castle Hotel, Linking Road, Khar West, Mumbai 400052

Contact: +91 9769755542


blueFROGWith a huge spread of over 50 dishes that include an assortment of salads, tapas, grills, eggs, desserts, and lots more, the blueFROG Sunday brunch is an apt option for an enjoyable brunch with the family. Great music, a spirited bar, and a variety of board games like Monopoly, Scrabble and Jenga are sure to keep you and your loved ones entertained until sunset.

Timing: 11.30 am to 5 pm

Address: D/2 Mathuradas Mills Compound, NM Joshi Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai 400013

Contact: +91 22 61586158

Seasonal Tastes at The WestIn Mumbai Garden City:

Seasonal Tastes at The Westin Mumbai Garden City offers a mesmerizing Sunday brunch with a view that can be enjoyed with children. Tantalize your taste buds with live stations offering Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, Continental, and local favorites, along with a special menu for children. Young ones can be entertained at the hotel’s play area while you relish your meal. This exotic brunch promises to be an enjoyable family affair.

Timing: 12:30 pm to 4 pm

Address: International Business Park, Oberoi Garden City, Mumbai

Contact: + 91 9004661088

So, which of these brunch spreads entices you the most? Tell us in the comments below.

You can also read it on http://www.polkacafe.com/brunch-spreads-in-mumbai-brunch-places-to-enjoy-in-mumbai-1965.html

Check Out Our List Of Tried And Tested Food Delivery Services In Mumbai That We Rate High On Taste – Polka Cafe

Food Delivery Services

Mumbai is seeing a steady rise in the number of food lovers by the day. With newer restaurants and bars opening almost every week and with a variety of cuisines to choose from, people are becoming experimental and open to trying dishes that break the stereotype.

While some enjoy dining out, others prefer relishing delicious food in the comfort of their home. For the latter, there are several food delivery services that are taking the city by storm. Ordering food at home has never been easier – with loads of options to suit every taste bud, it is more convenient, faster and cheaper than dining out. From traditional home-cooked meals to scrumptious bites from your favorite  restaurant, there is something for everyone.

Here is a rundown of a few tried and tested food delivery services in Mumbai.

– Tiny Owl:


Tiny Owl is a user-friendly app that has made ordering for food easier than ever before. The app, once downloaded, detects your location and suggests restaurants in your area. Once you have placed an order, the app saves your user details so that you can avoid the entire procedure of entering all your details for your next orders. Payment can be made by card or by cash on delivery. The food gets delivered fresh and hot, within 30 minutes.

What I tried: Spinach and Cheese Pav from Pack-a-pav.

My experience: As soon as my order had been placed, the app displayed the estimated time of delivery – 20 minutes. Two Spinach and Cheese Pavs were packed in an airtight container along with several dips on the side; each one packed separately in mini containers.

The Wow factor: I was also excited to see a thank you note from the Chef at Pack-a-pav. Their packaging was impressive and the food was also fresh and warm.

– Hola Chef:

 Hola Chef boats of home-style food freshly prepared by some of the city’s finest home chefs, delivered to your doorstep within 45 minutes. The menu changes every day, and consists of options that range from traditional dal chawal to chicken shawarma and more. The menu also gives details of the chefs behind each preparation. The user has to enter a pin number and the app displays multiple options of food available in the area. Once the selection has been made, the user can make payment – online or cash on delivery. Currently available only in certain areas of Mumbai, this service is looking to expand to other areas as well.

What I tried: Mix Veg in Hunan Sauce with Malaysian Flat Noodles and Kungpao Potatoes by Chef Sahil Lulla

My Experience: Upon making my final selection, I was asked to sign in with my mobile number, name and email id, after which I could select my method for payment.

The Wow factor: My food was delivered piping hot to me within 45 minutes, well packaged in containers placed in a Hola chef carry bag.

– Kitchens by Priya Jham:

Chef Priya Jham, Founder & Owner – Kitchens by Priya Jham, has been an expert in the food industry for over twenty years. A true foodie at heart, she started her career with basic cooking workshops, and then, successfully made her passion her profession with the launch of Kitchens… Known for its delectable Indian and Sindhi food, among other cuisines, it provides catering services for private parties, corporate gatherings, in-house MNC staff meals, and much more. It is also famous for its soul-satisfying tiffins and designer chocolates. One can either opt for a vegetarian or non-vegetarian tiffin. The former is priced at INR 110 and includes a portion of dal, rice, two sabzis (one gravy and one dry), rotis, salad and papad, while the latter is priced at INR 150. Priya also demonstrates some of her signature recipes for popular cooking channels like FoodFood and Cook Book.

What I tried: Non-veg tiffin

To place an order: Log onto their Facebook page , email them on kitchens.priyajham@gmail.com.

My Experience: I placed an order for the non-vegetarian tiffin through their Facebook page. It included Salad, Papad, Rice, Dal, Butter Chicken, Veg Sabzi and Rotis.

The Wow Factor: They promptly confirmed my request and my tiffin was delivered to me within a few hours. The food was absolutely delicious and it comfortably served two.

– Red Ninja Express:

Red Ninja Express, founded in 2011, was the first in Mumbai to introduce New York-style takeout boxes with their famous ‘Ninja Box.’ Their chefs have previously worked with Michelin-starred restaurants, and promise a complete feast for Chinese lovers. They provide lip-smacking soups, appetizers, gravies, noodles, rice, and dim sums that are sure to leave you craving for more. Currently, they undertake catering orders for individuals and corporates all over the city, but their delivery services are only available in Bandra, Khar, and Santacruz.

What I tried: Chicken sui mai and the Super Ninja Box

To place an order: Call them on +91 22 26006007 or order online here.

My Experience: Once you log onto their website, make a selection from their various categories. The dishes selected by you are added to your cart and upon confirmation; you can fill in the delivery details and payment method.

The Wow Factor: The food is delivered to you within an hour and is absolutely delicious.

– InstaKhanna.com:

An online, easy-to-use food delivery service, InstaKhaana is a great option when you want fresh food delivered within 20 minutes of ordering. Their menu changes every day, with two vegetarian and two non-vegetarian options to pick from. Your selection is speedily delivered in quirky Tata Nano food vans. This service is currently available only in Lower Parel, Parel, Mahalaxmi, Worli, and BKC.

What I tried: Chicken meatballs with spaghetti, chicken makhani, roti, roasted vegetables with mashed potato, and garlic bread

To place an order: Click here to place an order.

My Experience: Upon selecting my location, various food options along with the deals of the day were shown to me. After making a selection, I filled in the delivery details.

The Wow Facotor:Within 20 minutes, the InstaKhaana wagon was at my building and freshly made food was delivered at my doorstep.

– Ola Cafe:

Ola cabs have recently diversified by launching Ola Café, a food delivery service where customers can place an order for lunch, dinner, or evening snacks from select restaurants within their vicinity by using the Ola mobile app. The food is delivered within 20 minutes, currently only in select areas across Mumbai. Payment can be made using the Ola Money Wallet or by cash on delivery.

What I tried: Chana Bhatura

To place an order: Download the Ola Cabs app on your smartphone

My Experience:I made my selection from the various options available between 12pm to 3pm. I could track my food with the help of the app, once my order had been placed.

The Wow Factor: Within 20 minutes, the delivery boy called up for the exact address, and my food was delivered to me.

– ChatpataChef.com:

Started by four passionate foodies, Chatpata Chef provides healthy, low-fat, economical meals in tiffins for lunch and dinner. They have various meal options from Monday to Saturday that are divided into five categories – Mini, Standard, Premium, 3S, and Healthy meals. Once you select your meal, Mumbai’s iconic dabbawallahs deliver the tiffin fresh and hot to your doorstep on the next working day. Their services are currently available from Khar to Colaba, and they are soon planning to open outlets across Mumbai.

What I tried: Brinjal and cabbage kofta curry, Mughlai dal, and phulka

To place an order: Call them on +91 98202 63313 or order online here.

My Experience: I opted for the Mini Meal that included a vegetable, dal and four phulkas. They have various payment options, but I opted to make an online payment.The next day, my food was delivered to me fresh and hot in airtight containers.

Have you tried any of these food delivery services? How was your experience?

You can also read it on http://www.polkacafe.com/food-delivery-apps-in-mumbai-food-delivery-services-in-mumbai-1962.html

Doing The Destination Route – TeleLIFE Magazine

TeleLIFE Magazine

TeleLIFE Magazine

A Special Thanks to Kartik Sainani & Ishta Mehrotra Sainani

Set Destination then I will say ‘Yes’ to marriage” is the chime we increasingly hear from younger couples seeking to take their wedding vows. Is it a fad? Is it convenient? Or is it simply romantic to be married in far-away destinations like exotic Bali, Brunei, Barcelona, Austrian Salt Mines, Sunny Dubai or Freezing Canada?  Whatever it is, this is a part of the on-going race to find the most unique wedding destinations. Amidst this conundrum, a few destinations constantly host wedding couples from all over the world… tracing what makes them special our food expert and travel writer ‘That Foodie Chick’ travels to the land of the maharajas to experience a royal wedding…Lets join her on this magical journey

Jaipur, Rajasthan

In a diverse country like India, one can have a perfect fairytale wedding at numerous breathtaking locations – from snowy mountains and historical forts to sandy beaches and cooling backwaters, the country offers all this and more to make your wedding a memorable event. With exotic resorts offering wedding packages, a growing number of efficient wedding planners, destination weddings are not just trends anymore, they are almost de rigueur. I feel a beautiful destination wedding catapults the couple and their friends and family away from their chaotic lifestyles into a charmed life – even for a few days. It gives them a chance to relax and renew their energies.  So increasingly I find myself visiting exotic destinations for attending my numerous friends’ weddings.

Travelling to the city of royalty aka Jaipur the ‘Pink City’, is on top on the list of these ‘wedding destinations’. As one enters the city, you are instantly touched by its rich heritage, cultural offerings, stunning shopping, rare architecture and gorgeous palace hotels. Renowned for its food and music, the city also offers some of the best shopping for gems, fabrics, rare weaves which certainly piqued my attention. A truly haute tourist destination, Jaipur has the inherent ability to perfectly blend tradition with trappings of modern luxury which satisfies our experiential travel interests. There are also some great wild life sanctuaries and the city and its outskirts are filled with romantic, charming palace hotels like Samode Palace, Havelli and Samode Bagh, Rambagh Palace – which offer provenance of rare heritage.

In juxtapose is modern day luxury properties like the Fairmont, which played host to my friend’s wedding. Nestled in the majestic Aravalli hills, filled with tranquil gardens, breathtaking forts and stunning palaces this verdant green hotel adds to the city’s grandeur. Vintage from the exterior, it is well equipped with all modern-day amenities and comforts which is perfect bliss for us.  On our arrival, we were met by Rajasthani folk dancers swinging to beautiful regional tunes; this set the note of excitement for the celebrations ahead.  Commencing with a traditional Mehendi (Henna Ceremony) and Pool Party amidst twinkling lights we indulge in delicacies served under the shade of these neon shaded scenic tents, as the summer winds and water set the temperature.

To me, the Fairmont hotel works wonderfully well with its architecture reminiscent of the Rajput Mughal Style and contemporary comforts provided by their management which promises to give you a lifetime of memories. The next day we took a whirlwind tour into the city, as sun glistened off the pink shade of its walls adding a tint to our touristy eye. From the domed architecture to cobbled alleyways, Jaipur seems to resonate with wordless romantic tunes, echoing through its ancient forts, right to the warm hospitable smiles of the faces of the locals. Regal and iconic in every way, the grand Amber Fort sits on a hilltop as you enter the city’s gates; a grand representation of the Rajput style of architecture in white and red sandstone. The interiors of the Amber Fort include opulent courtyards, palaces and temples, their Light and Sound Show is a mesmerizing treat.

In the center is City Palace built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, which still resonates with regal beauty. Entering the enclosed palace walls one is transfixed and taken into an era of royalty. Entering the many historical buildings Mubarak Mahal, Diwan-i-Khas, Diwan-i-Aam and Maharani Palace I couldn’t but notice how the Princess protects India’s living heritage. Visiting Govindjee Temple and Chandra Mahal, partially a museum and partially serving as main residence of the Princess, is a breathtakingly beautiful experience. I indulge in some artistic shopping buying Rajasthani artwork at the vast hall completely devoted to hosting local artisans and craftspeople under the royal patronage, another attempt to preserve the rich traditions of the land.

One of the most innovative architectural wonders of the world, the Jantar Mantar stands tall made from sandstone and marble. Witnessing the sundowner as the stone takes on a golden hue mapping the trajectory of time and the falling sun, the sheer ingenuity of this ancient Indian astronomer’s structure amazes me. This sets the tone for the night to follow. The Moroccan themed sangeet  (Song Dance Pre Wedding Party) held at the Grand Ball Room is filled with couples dressed in cocktail gowns and finery, dancing to Bollywood tunes. Our hosts have made sure this evening is special, sprinkled with live performances by singers and dancers. Enchanted the revelry continues as night walks the path to dawn.

Day 3, I slip on my walking shoes and head towards the spellbindingly beautiful Nahagarh Fort which offers a panoramic view of the city as the sun caresses the rare architecture in the morning.  Perched on the edge of the Aravalli Hills, this imposing fort dates back to 1734 and is a one time summer retreat of the royal family houses so it is filled with elaborate living spaces including Madhavendra Bhawan. The architecture is a cursory nod to the Indo-European colonial style and an interesting feature is the Bawri aka stepwell where the royals went to pray, retreat and carry out their rituals. Absorbing this amazing beauty I took off to visit Jaipur’s many souqs and small bazaars.

MI Road, the central street, is a chaotic experience filled with stores offering touristy shopping and kitsch curios. I preferred the side lanes filled with real artisans who are happy to customize items – like khulors (clay glasses), beautiful hand rolled bangles, juttis (soft leather shoes). Jaipur has earned a reputation for being home to some of the finest jewelers; I fell in love with Silver Art and Palace and Jaipur Gems. Both have a century old history and global reputation for quality and creativity. I also liked the leather crafts, the weavers, mirror work craftspeople and the wood carvers who produced some of the finest wares. This long day whipped up my appetite for wholesome Rajasthani delicacies like onion kachoris and dal choorma. I liked Choki Dani which offers traditional hospitality with song and dance. For a quick bite, Laxmi Bandar is well known for its awesome thalis, snacks and sweet delicacies.

The next morning, I wake up to the trumpeting of a beautifully decorated elephant carrying a handsome groom in full finery with his family, friends (aka baratis) doing a frenzied dance routine, led by dholwallas (drummers) moving to collect the beautiful bride. Not to be outdone, the bride makes a grand entrance as a Modern Maharani in a royal palanquin accompanied by four male family members dressed as warriors. Both bride and groom meet, greet and wear each other a jaimala (exchanging of garlands) and then walk towards the stage where the pious phera ceremony begins with the sounds of holy chanting. Looking around I realize how Jaipur offers old-world royal wedding set up almost effortlessly.  If a ‘Jodha-Akbar’ style wedding is your dream, this is the perfect destination to make it come true.

You can also read it on the TeleLIFE website http://www.telelifemag.com/DOING_THE_DESTINATION_ROUTE%E2%80%8B/386/People

Kartik Sainani & Ishta Mehrotra Sainani

Dancers at Choki Dhani, Jaipur

Amer Fort